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Question: Match, as a bet

Solution: SEE

SEE Definition 1:
To notice or become aware of (someone or something) by using your eyes + obj no obj .
It was so dark that I couldn’t see anything.
I can’t see a thing without my glasses.
Would you turn on the light? I can hardly see a thing.
Let me see what you’re holding in your hand.
I saw your sister at the party, but I didn’t talk to her.
I saw her take the money.
Nobody saw the accident happen.
He was last seen leaving his house yesterday morning.
This is the prettiest garden I’ve ever seen! = I’ve never seen such a pretty garden (before)!
You have to see it to believe it.
“He says he’s coming.” “I’ll believe it when I see it.”
It’s nice to see you (looking) so happy!
I can see how happy you are.
I could see (that) she was tired.
I see (that) you bought a new car. = You bought a new car, I see.
This club is the place to be seen (at) these days. [=this club is the place where people go to be noticed by important or fashionable people]
“Have you met the new guy yet?” “No, but I’ve seen him around.” [=I have noticed him in some of the places I often go to]
A mall’s a mall. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. [=all shopping malls look the same]
It was so dark that I couldn’t see.
He can no longer see to read without his glasses.
I couldn’t see through/out the foggy window.
I can’t see over the person in front of me.
On a clear day, you can see for miles from the top of the mountain.
“He broke his leg.” “So I see.” [=I can see that his leg is broken]
If you don’t believe me, go and see for yourself.
SEE Definition 2:
To have the ability to see :to have the power of sight .
She doesn’t/can’t see very well.
She cannot see. [=she is blind]
SEE Definition 3:
To be or become aware of (something) + obj no obj .
He saw the opportunity and took it.
He only sees [=notices] my faults.
I saw a big difference in her behavior.
It was easy to see that she was lying.
Can’t you see that he needs help?
Anyone can see that they’re in love.
I can see there has been a mistake.
I see that the school has raised its tuition again.
He claims that he can see the future. [=that he knows what will happen in the future]
I see by/from the newspaper that they’ve won the election.
Looking at the sales figures, we can see a steady rise in profits.
Investors never saw this turn in the stock market coming.
The book’s ending is so predictable that you can see it coming a mile away/off.
He claims that he can see into the future.As you can see, the sales figures show a steady rise in profits.
SEE Definition 4:
To learn or find out (something) especially by looking or waiting + obj no obj .
Please see who’s at the door.
It will be interesting to see if the team can pull off a win.
I’m not sure if I’m going to the party. I have to see how I feel tomorrow.
You should try on the dress to see if it fits.
Can you check to see if the car needs oil?
She brought the car to a mechanic to see what was wrong with it.
I’ll see what I can do to help.
We’ll have to see how it goes.
We saw, in the previous lecture, how Newton came up with his theory.
He called to see if we would be home tonight.
I have to wait and see whether or not I got the job.
It remains to be seen [=it is uncertain] whether or not she was lying.
“Can you fix the car?” “I will have to see.”
“Can I go to the party?” “We’ll see.” [=maybe, perhaps]
Things will get better, you’ll see.
SEE Definition 5:
To read (something written or printed) .
Have you seen today’s newspaper?
I saw in the newspaper that the team lost.
I need to see your license.
He posted his journal online for all (the world) to see.
SEE Definition 6:
used to tell someone where to look for information .
For further information, see Appendix A.
See the explanatory notes at the beginning of the book.
See [=look] below for details.
SEE Definition 7:
To watch (a television program, movie, etc.) .
Did you see the baseball game (on TV) last night?
I saw that movie, too.
SEE Definition 8:
To go to and watch (a performance, play, event, etc.) .
We saw the parade.
We are seeing a play tonight.
SEE Definition 9:
used in speech to direct someone’s attention to something or someone .
See, I told you it would rain.
See, the bus is coming.
SEE Definition 10:
To think of (someone or something) in a certain way often + as .
Looking back, I see things differently now.
I see myself to be an understanding person.
I see you now for what you really are: a liar and cheat.
Try to see things from my point of view.
In order to understand them, you have to see the world through their eyes.
She saw herself as an independent woman. [=she thought of herself as independent]
He is seen as one of the best players in baseball.
I see the job as a great opportunity.
SEE Definition 11:
used to say what your opinion is about something .
“Can we do it?” “I don’t see why not.” [=yes, I believe that we can do it]As I see it, you have only two choices.The way he sees it, we should be done by Friday. [=he thinks we should be done by Friday]
SEE Definition 12:
To imagine (someone) as being or doing something specified often + as .
Can you really see yourself any happier than you are now?
I can’t see her becoming a doctor.
I can’t see him objecting to our plan, can you?
She sees herself as a doctor in the future.
I can still see her as she was years ago.
Somehow, I just couldn’t see him as a banker.
SEE Definition 13:
To form a mental picture of (something) .
He saw a great future for himself in baseball.
I can see it now in my mind: you and her married with two kids.
SEE Definition 14:
To understand (something) + obj no obj .
I see what you mean.
I can see why/how you would feel that way.
I don’t see the point of your story.
What’s so funny? I don’t see the joke.
I don’t see why we have to do that.
I don’t see how/that/why it matters.
I can’t get him to see reason/sense.
“You should hold the club like this.” “Oh, I see.”
SEE Definition 15:
To meet with (someone) often + about .
I can see you later this afternoon.
I’ll be seeing my lawyer on Friday.
Do you see your dentist regularly?
The doctor is seeing a patient at the moment.
He has been seeing a psychotherapist.
You should see a doctor about your rash.
What would you like to see me about?
SEE Definition 16:
To visit (someone) .
I saw him at the hospital.
I am seeing an old friend tomorrow.
SEE Definition 17:
To allow yourself to be visited by (someone) .
He’s not seeing anyone today.
SEE Definition 18:
To be with and talk to (someone) .
I can’t tell you how glad/pleased I am to see you again!
We’ll see you again real soon.
They see each other less [=they spend less time together] now that he has a new job.
SEE Definition 19:
used in phrases like see more/less of and see a lot of to describe how much time people spend with each other .
I’d like to see more of you. [=I’d like to spend more time with you]
They’ve been seeing a lot of each other lately. [=they’ve been spending a lot of time together lately]
SEE Definition 20:
To spend time with (someone) as part of a romantic relationship usually used as be seeing .
They’ve been seeing each other for over a year.
Are you seeing [=dating] anyone right now?
SEE Definition 21:
To make sure (something) is done :to check that (something) is done .
See (that) the work gets finished on time. [=make sure that the work is finished on time]
See that the door is locked before you leave the building.
SEE Definition 22:
To experience (something) .
He saw a lot of action during the war.
I never thought I would live to see the day when gas would cost so much.
Nothing bothers him—he’s seen it all before.
Oil prices have seen a large increase.
SEE Definition 23:
To be the place or time in which (something) happens .
The city has seen a lot of growth in recent years. [=the city has grown a lot in recent years]
This year has seen a drop in profits. [=profits have dropped this year]
The last decade saw many technological advances.
SEE Definition 24:
To go somewhere with (someone) see also see off (below).
I’ll see [=accompany] you home.
They saw [=escorted] him out (of the club).
My secretary will see you to the door.
I can see myself out, thank you. [=I can leave without having anyone show me where to go]
He kissed her goodbye and saw her onto the plane. [=he watched her get onto the plane]
SEE Definition 25:
To help or support (someone or something) for a particular period of time usually + through .
We had enough supplies to see us (out) to the end of winter. [=the supplies were enough to last until the end of winter]
The support of his friends saw him through his depression. [=helped him to get through his depression]
The legislators vowed to see the bill through Congress to make sure that it became a law.
They have enough money to see them through.
SEE Definition 26:
To make a bet that is equal to (another player’s bet) in poker .
I’ll see your 10 and raise you 10.
I’ll see you and raise 10.

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