USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: Maul or awl

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Question: Maul or awl

Solution: TOOL

TOOL Definition 1:
Something (such as a hammer, saw, shovel, etc.) that you hold in your hand and use for a particular task see also hand tool machine tool implement.
Carpentry/garden tools
Power tools [=tools that use electricity]
I don’t have the right tools to fix the engine.
TOOL Definition 2:
Something that is used to do a job or activity .
Words are a writer’s tools.
TOOL Definition 3:
Something that helps to get or achieve something .
Words are tools for communication.
A book’s cover can be a great marketing tool.
The Internet has become an important research tool.
He has the tools [=natural skills] to be a great pitcher.
TOOL Definition 4:
Someone or something that is used or controlled by another person or group often + of .
A politician who is just a tool of special interests
He claims the government has become a tool of giant corporations.
TOOL Definition 5:
A foolish person who can easily be used or tricked by others .
He’s such a tool.
TOOL Definition 6:
A man’s penis.

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