USA Today Crossword Answer for Question: Who’s base

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Question: Who’s base

Solution: FIRST

FIRST Definition 1:
Coming before all others in time, order, or importance .
She won first prize.
We sat in the first row.
His first wife
Her first book/child
In the first century
His first offense
Her first kiss
She succeeded on her first attempt/try.
He was (the) first in line.
We will correct these errors at the first opportunity. [=as soon as it is possible to do so]
English is not my first [=native] language. [=it is not the language I learned first; I learned to speak another language before I learned to speak English]
She’s in first grade. [=the first level in school after kindergarten]
I still remember the first time I saw her.
You should leave at the first [=earliest] hint of trouble.
My first [=initial] impulse was to say no.
This is a matter of the first [=highest] importance.
Your first [=main] concern should be to get well.
The captain and the first mate [=the officer on a ship who is most important after the captain]
She was accused of murder in the first degree. [=first-degree murder; the most serious kind of murder]
FIRST Definition 2:
used to refer to the lowest forward gear or speed of a vehicle .
I couldn’t get the car out of first gear.
FIRST Definition 3:
Having or playing the main part in a group of instruments .
first violin

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