USA Today Crossword Answers April 01, 2021

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Author: by Amanda Rafkin


“Queer the Census” ad, e.g. PSA
Bread and such CARBS
Repurposed T-shirt, maybe RAG
Watering can part SPOUT
Basic skateboarding move OLLIE
Female sheep EWE
“Vote for ___” (“Napoleon Dynamite” slogan) PEDRO
Model airplane wood BALSA
Source code issues SYNTAXERRORS
Grand ___ National Park TETON
Dancer’s advanced degree MFA
Witnessed SAW
“. . . ish” ORSO
German article DAS
Word after “grand” or “series” FINALE
Parasitic creature LEECH
Destination for a dog breed test DNALAB
Speak at length WAXELOQUENT
Expert suggestion PROTIP
Closing bit of music OUTRO
“Deep Impact” threats COMETS
Lock’s partner KEY
Esperanza Spalding instrument BASS
React to the first 10 minutes of “Up,” perhaps SOB
Drilling platform RIG
Device with a snooze button ALARM
A bit creepy EERIE
Boxer Muhammad ALI
Smiled from ear to ear LITUP
Animal in a 2001 Britney Spears performance SNAKE
Pickleball divider NET
Hightails it FLEES
Made more manageable EASED
“___ day now” ANY


Magician’s exclamation PRESTO
TV journalist Diane SAWYER
Secret ones do missions AGENTS
Capitol Hill TV channel CSPAN
___ predator (top of a food chain) APEX
Took the train RODE
Gucci Mane ad-lib BURR
Lightning event STORM
Obvious choice NOBRAINER
“It’s a shame!” ALAS
For ___ intents and purposes ALL
Not trans CIS
Chicken pot pie veggie PEA
“That ship has sailed” TOOLATE
Not on the clock OFFDUTY
Seasoning in a shaker SALT
The Legacy Museum’s state (Abbr.) ALA
Internet WEB
Dispose of DEEPSIX
Knee stabilizer, for short ACL
Disturbed SHOOK
Microscopic machine NANOBOT
Highway turnoffs EXITRAMPS
Uterus WOMB
Spanish for “what” QUE
Some HP products PCS
Pooh’s young pal ROO
Actress DeBose ARIANA
Taken without permission STOLEN
___ check (evaluation of rationality) SANITY
Wild birds in a Mary Oliver poem GEESE
Risk a ticket SPEED
“T,” on a test TRUE
Warrior princess who’s a lesbian icon XENA
Historical periods ERAS
Name that’s “M” in the NATO phonetic alphabet MIKE
Furry sitcom alien ALF
First word in some rap names LIL
Enjoyed some matzo ball soup, say ATE
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