USA Today Crossword Answers April 01, 2024

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Author: by Joe Rodini


Big cut GASH
Cul-de-___ (dead-end roads) SACS
Wee bit ATAD
Genre for Weird Al medleys POLKA
Figure skater Rippon ADAM
Seized auto REPO
Turn at home plate ATBAT
Grain tower SILO
“College GameDay” channel ESPN
Confection with cocoa butter but not cocoa solids WHITECHOCOLATE
Sensible SANE
Many mouse batteries AAS
Share a marquee COSTAR
Minibike relative MOPED
“What have we here!” OHO
Country that turned 200 in 1976 USA
Former NBA star Gilbert . . . or the venues he played in ARENAS
Follow orders OBEY
Did a knifehand strike on KARATECHOPPED
___ of the litter PICK
Go by, like time ELAPSE
Ore-___ (Tater Tots brand) IDA
“What’s more . . .” AND
Touch of color TINGE
Nacion de Sevilla y Barcelona ESPANA
CBS crime franchise with theme songs by The Who CSI
“Zip it!” HUSH
End-of-class sound BELL
Give private lessons to TUTOR
___ in a while ONCE
Shade trees ELMS
Russian rulers until 1917 TSARS
Bobber in a harbor BUOY
Prescription amount DOSE
Sassy PERT


“The Dark Knight” city GOTHAM
Like many red-eyed rats ALBINO
Locale in Tony Hawk video games SKATEPARK
Detest completely HATE
Malia Obama’s sister SASHA
“Hasta luego!” ADIOS
Course that typically follows trig CALC
One might hold a solution TESTTUBE
“The Wonder Years” narrator Cheadle DON
Dogs often have four PAWS
Military trainee CADET
“Throne room,” in Britain LOO
Bit of sunshine RAY
Noteworthy period ERA
Workplace protection agcy. OSHA
Can’t live without NEED
Part of the knee, for short ACL
All-are-welcome event OPENHOUSE
Restaurant item that might double as a coloring page KIDSMENU
Mexican resort city ACAPULCO
Relating to the eye OPTIC
Letter before omega PSI
Projectile in a Three Stooges movie PIE
Picnic-crashing insect ANT
Pulled off perfectly NAILED
Instrument with a pickguard and headstock GUITAR
Accompany ESCORT
Bowling venue ALLEY
Chowder ingredients CLAMS
Taste or touch SENSE
Gender-specific possessive HERS
Game played on a 10-acre field POLO
URL starter HTTP
Short cut BOB
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