USA Today Crossword Answers April 05, 2021

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Author: by Brooke Husic & Claire Rimkus


Liveliness PEP
Cracks jokes JESTS
Partner of “they” THEM
“My lips ___ sealed” ARE
Cocktail whose name is Tahitian for “good” MAITAI
___-Tewa (Arizona people) HOPI
Do a sloppy job, perhaps CUTCORNERS
Meter or liter UNIT
Where to ride Frozen Ever After EPCOT
Place to get a facial SPA
Upright ERECT
Hair-raising phenomenon STATIC
Instruments for Gus Cannon JUGS
Energy-efficient entrance REVOLVINGDOOR
Certification for a lifeguard, for short CPR
Fencing blade heavier than a 56-Down EPEE
“Sex, Race and Robots” author Howard AYANNA
Late-night quest for snacks, say RAID
“For sure,” for short DEF
Snow monster YETI
Graham Greene’s nation ONEIDA
Beams of sunlight RAYS
Folk band ___ Iver BON
Greek salad cheese FETA
Promise PLEDGE
Prefix for “party” AFTER
Actress Salonga LEA
Natural hairstyles AFROS
Word before “form” or “thing” POOR
Periods when 31-Down is abundant WETSEASONS
Tree with cones PINE
Unifying song ANTHEM
“I’m Not the Only ___” (Sam Smith song) ONE
Moved like a toboggan SLID
Alloy that might be stainless STEEL
Highest possible, for short MAX


Tempos PACES
Go off ERUPT
Transport for Whiskers PETCARRIER
Jam holder JAR
One, in German EINS
Part of a dance STEP
“Around the Way Girl” memoirist Henson TARAJI
Family nickname SIS
Refine HONE
For the ages EPIC
Softball glove MITT
Reason for doing something MOTIVE
___ d’Ivoire COTE
Like some quiches EGGY
Acquire, informally COP
“___ mujer fantastica” (2017 Daniela Vega film) UNA
Was in first LED
Swerves VEERS
Apartment size ONEBEDROOM
Catch ___ (become aware of) ONTO
Drizzle or downpour RAIN
Farm output CROP
Window part PANE
Disagreed DIFFERED
Heading on a help page FAQ
Wapiti and caribou DEER
Piece of legislation ACT
“For sure!” YUP
Respectful greeting SALAAM
Court officials, for short REFS
“That’s not ___ cut it” GONNA
Connecticut town with a steam train ESSEX
Clue, Flo and Glow APPS
See 34-Across FOIL
R&B artist Braxton TONI
Suffix for “towel” ETTE
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Used to be WAS
Carnivorous fish EEL
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