USA Today Crossword Answers April 24, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Comes down to Earth LANDS
Last-___ effort DITCH
Potbellied pet PIG
Font similar to Helvetica ARIAL
The Gem State IDAHO
Course for some refugees ESL
Spicy Balinese condiment SAMBALMATAH
___ the line TOE
___ and flow EBB
“Of course!” YES
Bitter salad green ARUGULA
Make angry RILE
___ feeling (instinct) GUT
Italian city with a fashion quadrangle MILAN
Boston baller, for short CELT
Judo surfaces MATS
Airport area GATE
Not saying a thing MUM
Like a soft mango RIPE
Jacob Batalon’s MCU role NED
International trade venues GLOBALMARKETS
___ Paulo Airport SAO
Ningxia’s continent ASIA
Thus far YET
Walk wearily PLOD
Andean leaf chewed as a stimulant COCA
Snitch NARC
Artificially bronzed look FAKETAN
Cardigan, for example SWEATER
Barbers cut it HAIR
Black or milky gem OPAL
Even score TIE
Echinacea or St. John’s wort HERBALMEDICINE
Great Lake where Bessie lives (allegedly) ERIE
“___ upon a time . . .” ONCE
Prone to dust storms ARID
Track competition MEET
Drill attachments BITS
Doodling tools PENS


Beam in a light show LASER
Kuwait’s official language ARABIC
Like Johanna Quaas NIMBLE
Tiny amount of wasabi DAB
___ the dragon SLAY
Radish puffs, sesame balls, etc. DIMSUM
Journalist ___ B. Wells IDA
“Laters!” TATA
Singe in a tandoor CHAR
Boring HOHUM
Puts apart ISOLATES
Learned gradually GLEANED
A flamingo stands on one LEG
Comedian’s booking GIG
Muppet with a puppy named Tango ELMO
Airport area TARMAC
Large brass instrument TUBA
Aunt, in Spanish TIA
Synonym of 3-Down SPRY
Eyelash application MASCARA
___ out (barely get) EKE
Black-tie bash GALA
“Listen to me . . .” LOOKHERE
Roaring animal LION
Europe’s largest active volcano ETNA
CC cream stat SPF
Sweetheart DEARIE
Facet to consider ASPECT
Dress code subject ATTIRE
Get under control REININ
Doctrines CREEDS
Where Lhasa Beer is brewed TIBET
Walks through water WADES
Eula’s husband in “Daughters of the Dust” ELI
Prefix meaning “all” OMNI
Jeggings edge HEM
High badminton shot LOB
Upper limit CAP
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