USA Today Crossword Answers April 25, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Provide funding for ENDOW
Moccasin bottom SOLE
One of classical music’s Three B’s BACH
“Sorry, not sorry” SUEME
Lisette Oropesa solo ARIA
Ingredient in some hair masks ALOE
Person from Muscat OMANI
Baking soda has many USES
“You’re not serious!” CMON
Positive mindset BRIGHTOUTLOOK
Bun bo ___ (Vietnamese soup) HUE
Counterparts of outs INS
Cry hard BAWL
Beverage at Xi’an Famous Foods TEA
Breakfast chain IHOP
Zodiac sign before Scorpio LIBRA
Contacts privately online, for short DMS
In any way possible BYHOOKORBYCROOK
Garland draped on a King Kamehameha statue LEI
Good to go READY
Required bet in poker ANTE
Louisville time zone (Abbr.) EST
“No ifs, ___ or buts!” ANDS
“Already taken care of!” NONEED
Water quantity (Abbr.) GAL
Ooh and ___ AAH
Audibly flowing stream BABBLINGBROOK
Paintball attire, for short CAMO
Punjab’s continent ASIA
Sleep disorder APNEA
Prefix hidden in “Danube River” UBER
Quiche size MINI
Potato, informally TATER
Word in a Tony Award BEST
Oodles ATON
Word after “slippery” or “ski” SLOPE


Spanish for “that” ESO
Like an arm that’s been slept on, perhaps NUMB
Beloved DEAR
Prefix for “present” OMNI
Puts on a scale WEIGHS
Fry in a wok, perhaps SAUTE
“. . . in that range” ORSO
“In ___ of gifts . . .” LIEU
India-to-Laos direction EAST
Quiche Lorraine ingredient BACON
“Just about finished” ALMOSTDONE
Whip up some doro wat, say COOK
Lady Kluck in “Robin Hood,” e.g. HEN
“What did you say?” HUH
Pale purple LILAC
Rastafarian holy book BIBLE
“Now I remember” AHYES
Pitching rarities NOHITGAMES
Stock debut, for short IPO
Owls and eagles BIRDS
Soccer player Dahlkemper ABBY
Like some humor WRY
Ham it up on stage EMOTE
Dishwasher unit LOAD
Maker of Glide floss ORALB
“I Can See Your Voice” host Jeong KEN
Competed like Gail Devers RAN
Snag NAB
“Doggone it!” OHRATS
Cancel ABORT
“From the top!” AGAIN
Alternative to “darling” BABE
The Dalai ___ LAMA
“That so?” ISIT
Spanish for “boy” NINO
Gem mostly mined in Australia OPAL
“Hold ___ this for me” ONTO
Maintain KEEP
Young panda CUB
“When Stars ___ Scattered” ARE
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