USA Today Crossword Answers April 26, 2021

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Author: by Hoang-Kim Vu


Love interest of Yasha in “Critical Role” BEAU
Person to report to BOSS
___ out (dwindle) PETER
Goes for a jog, say RUNS
Opposite of “pro-“ ANTI
Food recall cause ECOLI
Condition treated with BHA ACNE
Grunkle ___ (“Gravity Falls” character) STAN
Jotted-down things NOTES
“Bridal Chorus” instrument CHURCHORGAN
Word after “long” or “ages” AGO
Wipe off the blackboard ERASE
Recline all the way back LIEFLAT
Part of a three-key computer combo DEL
___ out (acted from anger) LASHED
Dryer byproduct LINT
“Same” DITTO
Record holder for the most No. 1s by a solo artist MARIAHCAREY
Frightening SCARY
Silent-letter landmasses ISLES
Lions and tigers, e.g. CATS
Confesses ADMITS
Understood GOT
Active and moving ONTHEGO
Shopping location STORE
Zero’s counterpart in binary ONE
Home to some alligators, in New York legend SEWERSYSTEM
Charcoal masks may unclog them PORES
Name that’s an anagram of a grain ERIC
Stuff in underwater forests KELP
Author Ferrante ELENA
Ride that might be a stretch LIMO
Lack of difficulty EASE
___ Kong (sidekick of Donkey Kong) DIDDY
“___ we forget . . .” LEST
Contacted on Insta DMED


Got ready for impact, say BRACED
Trick-taking game with bowers EUCHRE
App customers USERS
Criticize BASH
Not falling for ONTO
A-lister STAR
Singer’s release SINGLE
Pasta served in vodka sauce PENNE
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Whole of something TOTALITY
Beautifully graceful ELEGANT
Italian rice dish RISOTTO
The “logs” in “ants on a log” CELERY
Help AID
Takes to the skies FLIES
Tony winner Stroker ALI
Large body of water SEA
Pronoun pair HEHIM
Home for egrets MARSH
Like formalwear DRESSY
Was of real importance MATTERED
CBS procedural franchise CSI
Part of a three-key computer combo ALT
Beaten to breaking some news SCOOPED
Ricotta-filled pastry CANNOLI
Birthday number AGE
Succeed DOWELL
Fan’s cheer GOTEAM
Last words of a threat ORELSE
Worked a short-term job TEMPED
English class assignment ESSAY
Made a disapproving sound TSKED
Great Lake that borders Cleveland ERIE
Places for margarita salt RIMS
Lauren Mayberry, e.g. SCOT
Finish END
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