USA Today Crossword Answers April 27, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Capital city with daily ferries to Copenhagen OSLO
Future Cola, for example SODA
Sports card factoid STAT
___ of laundry LOAD
Lacking contaminants PURE
Fusion food with a fried rice crust SUSHIPIZZA
French friend AMIE
“Borderline (An ___ to Self Care)” (Solange song) ODE
Cassettes TAPES
City-related URBAN
Religious offshoot SECT
Spicy and crispy Korean snack KIMCHIPANCAKE
Stench ODOR
Ship that carries fuel OILER
Lambs’ moms EWES
Paycheck extra BONUS
Rubber covering on a wheel TIRE
225 Earth days, on Venus YEAR
Direction opposite WSW ENE
Speedometer letters MPH
Soy milk pudding, for example DESSERT
Errors in documents TYPOS
In ___ (coordinated) SYNC
Share ___ with (be similar to) DNA
Home to over 100 pyramids EGYPT
Word in brackets after 45-Across SIC
Went rapidly SPED
Seafood in poo cha CRAB
Abstains from eating FASTS
Capital city home to Mazar-e-Quaid KARACHIPAKISTAN
Nonsensical INANE
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Costume for Yuan Yuan Tan TUTU
Sauce for bucatini PESTO
Place to buy a sandwich DELI
Surprise obstacle SNAG


___ buco OSSO
Earring type STUD
Takes a financial hit LOSESMONEY
“So cool!” OOH
Permission ___ SLIP
Haagen-___ DAZS
“A Name” poet Limon ADA
They might be hidden near the front door SPAREKEYS
Plant that rolls in the wind TUMBLEWEED
Basic typeface ARIAL
Many student drivers TEENS
Salesperson’s spiel PITCH
Place for a fire pit PATIO
Actress Thurman UMA
Light beige shade ECRU
Meshy window inserts SCREENS
Expensive Japanese beef KOBE
“___ want a lot for Christmas . . .” IDONT
White part of a tangerine PITH
“___ Baba and the Forty Thieves” ALI
Like Mei in “Turning Red” NERDY
Come to deserve EARN
Mlle.’s Spanish counterpart SRTA
Pollution in the sky SMOG
Study of the mind and behavior, for short PSYCH
Nisi Shawl genre SCIFI
Nitpicky person PEDANT
Important food STAPLE
Was too inquisitive PRIED
Groups of performers CASTS
Decide not to attend SKIP
Sheet of glass PANE
Significant periods ERAS
Surprise greatly STUN
“Bye now!” TATA
Close-fitting SNUG
Corporate exec picked by the board CEO
Writer ___ Cheng Thom KAI
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