USA Today Crossword Answers April 29, 2021

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Author: by Brooke Husic & Amanda Rafkin


Letters on a Pride float LGBT
Included on an email CCED
Camera function ZOOM
Party where Kandi bracelets are traded RAVE
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Fruits paired with gorgonzola PEARS
Dadi Freyr or any of his bandmates ICELANDER
Like a backup quarterback SECONDSTRING
Prefix for “conscious” ECO
Nail polish brand with the color Berlin There Done That OPI
Image Award org. NAACP
Officially finances ENDOWS
Generally speaking ASARULE
Oversee RUN
Rainbow shape ARC
___ queen DRAG
Series of posts on “the bird app” TWITTERTHREAD
Bread amount LOAF
Acorn source OAK
“To the ___ Catcalling My Girlfriend While I’m Walking Beside Her” (Andrea Gibson poem) MEN
Like some ramen and coffee INSTANT
Camera attachments LENSES
Kathmandu’s country NEPAL
Gunn who said “Let me feel my oats!” GIA
Hosts MCS
Autism awareness symbol PUZZLERIBBON
Fragrant ingredient in pai huang gua SESAMEOIL
___ Doone (cookie brand) LORNA
More than OVER
Ctrl+Z command UNDO
Lasagna section LAYER
Chair, e.g. SEAT
Distort SKEW
Went up ROSE


Run out LAPSE
Kalamata’s country GREECE
Bright signal BEACON
Root also called cocoyam TARO
Apple ___ (crumbly desserts) CRISPS
Spiky plants CACTI
At any time EVER
Pastrami seller DELI
Meditative spaces with raked sand ZENGARDENS
Opposite of new OLD
Flamenco encouragement OLE
Nowruz mo. MAR
American ID number (Abbr.) SSN
Civil rights leader ___ Arnold Hedgeman ANNA
“___ Abbey” DOWNTON
Personal vibe AURA
Dressed CLAD
Square ___ in a round hole PEG
Slowly lose contact DRIFTAPART (home of the podcast “The Trans Sporter Room”) OUT
Origami or manga ART
Cream cheese, e.g. SCHMEAR
Noah’s ship ARK
Voice quality TONE
Yellowjacket or hornet WASP
Have a meal EAT
“Star Wars” character Kylo REN
Basketball star Jeremy LIN
School graduate, for short ALUM
Fly under the radar LIELOW
Early life cycle stage EMBRYO
Pastries served with tea SCONES
Rhyme and synonym for “slide” GLIDE
Entrap SNARE
God who’s alphabetically last of the 12 Olympians ZEUS
___ out (fall asleep) ZONK
Sick ILL
Wild pig BOAR
“Help!” SOS
Night before a holiday EVE
Manatee’s home SEA
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