USA Today Crossword Answers August 03, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Weighing device SCALE
College in Tallahassee, for short FSU
Bursts like a balloon POPS
Not haram HALAL
Spill a secret BLAB
Spiritual energy field AURA
A lot of ___ in the fire IRONS
Leaf-gathering tool RAKE
Give a nudge to PROD
Sanctuary for some giant bears PANDARESERVE
Lychee part STEM
Trees used for firewood OAKS
Cookies irresistible to rats OREOS
Ran ___ (went wild) AMOK
Lani’s husband on “Days” ELI
Top card in a suit ACE
19-Across, for example PROTECTEDAREA
Type of mackerel shark MAKO
Wide-ranging VAST
Criticize harshly SLAM
“No muss, no ___” FUSS
Currency in Honshu YEN
It’s divided into scenes ACT
Payment for office space RENT
Drive or neutral GEAR
“To clarify . . .” THATIS
Tax-deferred fund IRA
Flow back EBB
TV show that featured a tracksuit-dress self-wedding GLEE
Unholy things EVILS
Basic particle ATOM
Lunar New ___ YEAR
Ice hockey feints DEKES
“Keep it coming!” MORE
Change for a five ONES
Tiny amount TAD


Vessels in a harbor SHIPS
Jeweler’s unit of measure CARAT
Without company ALONE
Angkor and Tokyo Tower, for two LANDMARKS
Disney character born on the winter solstice ELSA
Chem lab bottle FLASK
San-san-kudo drinkware ensembles SAKESETS
Prefix similar to “ultra-“ UBER
Kirigami need PAPER
“We’re on ___ own” OUR
Full-time athlete PRO
Feeling blue SAD
Neither lose money nor turn a profit BREAKEVEN
Underlying cause ROOT
Word written in big letters on a check VOID
Drink flavored with bergamot EARLGREYTEA
What Moana means in English OCEAN
Lines of stitches SEAMS
Calf’s comment MOO
“___ me know” LET
Capellini or cavatappi PASTA
“I ___ explain it” CANT
Honshu’s continent ASIA
“This is just too ___!” MUCH
Saturated ___ FAT
Hoped-for response to “Y’all take cash, right?” YESWEDO
Cook over high heat SEAR
Ipanema Beach’s city RIO
Golf green growth GRASS
“Stop right ___” THERE
Spends time doing nothing IDLES
Not exactly welcomed by a crowd BOOED
Knock off the schedule BUMP
Appliance for making egg tarts OVEN
Sleep ___ a baby LIKE
Michigan-to-Vermont direction EAST
Arm day venue GYM
Zodiac feline LEO
Body part with a drum EAR
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