USA Today Crossword Answers February 19, 2021

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Author: by Hannah Slovut


“The Great” actress Fanning ELLE
Laptops and such PCS
___ and flows EBBS
Transit option RAIL
Letters on some tombstones RIP
Localities AREAS
If an apple were magnified to the size of the Earth, this would be close to the size of an apple ATOM
“MOOD 4 ___” (Beyonce song) EVA
Last line of defense in soccer GOALIE
Bad deeds SINS
Last test of the semester FINAL
Story TALE
Finish END
Jazz vocalist ___ McLorin Salvant CECILE
“American ___” (singing competition show) IDOL
Off in the distance AFAR
Took a nap, say SLEPT
Smooths in a woodshop SANDS
“Hey there!” HIYA
___/her/hers SHE
Chalk up ASCRIBE
Not this or that NEITHER
As ___ crow flies THE
Coming up after this NEXT
Wanders ROAMS
Team leader COACH
Does and bucks DEER
Greek vowel IOTA
Check back out of the library, say REREAD
Sponsor of the Lifetime mini-movie “A Recipe for Seduction” KFC
Crowd noise ROAR
Wipe away CLEAR
Take to a higher court APPEAL
Query ASK
Tortoise competitor HARE
“Bye for now!” SEEYA
Golf ball holder TEE
In the past ONCE
Fictional sleuth Nancy DREW
Important nine digits (Abbr.) SSN
___ out (barely got) EKED


Wipe away ERASE
Romance language’s root LATIN
Chinese New Year performance LIONDANCE
Trees that might be attacked by beetles ELMS
Like better PREFER
Word before “duty” or “engagement” CIVIC
Language in which “foot” is “pie” SPANISH
Watchful person EAGLEEYE
Dude BRO
“Get lost!” BEATIT
Meal in a bowl SALAD
Building by a barn SILO
Slippery sea creature EEL
Poker declaration ALLIN
Poker location CASINO
Prez on the dime FDR
Joined together PAIRED
Took a seat SAT
Volcano output ASH
TV show with entrepreneurs and investors SHARKTANK
Line on a shirt HEM
Hosp. parts ERS
Pastry often filled with almond paste BEARCLAW
Do really well EXCEL
Foot part TOE
String of jobs, perhaps CAREER
Remove light from DARKEN
Savings plan option IRA
“Didn’t mean for that to happen” OOPS
Recorded for future viewing TAPED
Soothes EASES
Exaggerated comedy FARCE
Doctrine CREED
Sandal or boot SHOE
Affirmative vote AYE
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