USA Today Crossword Answers February 21, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Place for balm LIP
Sunscreen letters SPF
Discarded corn part COB
Word before “tax” or “bracket” INCOME
Not unjust FAIR
Co. that developed Watson IBM
Polo shirt part COLLAR
Segment of history ERA
Break in the action LULL
Remarks to an audience ASIDES
Artist’s stand EASEL
___-rock ALT
Sweetheart BAE
Mental Health Awareness Month fights them STIGMAS
Texts the wrong person, say ERRS
Seoul-based airline ASIANA
Actor Larenz TATE
One of Santa’s helpers ELF
Campaign orgs. PACS
Prefix meaning “four” TETRA
Walk wearily PLOD
___ Tour (sports org.) PGA
Brazilian soccer legend PELE
Hair-curling aid ROLLER
Red Muppet ELMO
Crunchy stir-fry vegetable SNAPPEA
Was in charge LED
Bodega convenience ATM
Really irritate EATAT
Complete disaster FIASCO
“Let me know if ___ help” ICAN
“Clay’s Ark” character ELI
“No kidding?” ISTHATSO
“Let’s do it!” IMGAME
Fragrant necklace LEI
Leave flabbergasted STUN
“Fargo” and “Nashville,” e.g. DRAMAS
“___ in Black” MEN
Boatload TON
Slowly enjoy a drink SIP


“good 1!” LOL
Bold poker declaration IMALLIN
Country where ceviche originated PERU
___ Francisco Ballet SAN
Wrap for chicken shawarma PITA
Ultimate ___ FRISBEE
Successful underdog CINDERELLATEAM
Ariana Ghez’s instrument OBOE
Audi alternatives BMWS
Drink that’s a homophone of 55-Down ICEE
Dancer Fatehi NORA
Roman Republic language CLASSICALLATIN
Uninterrupted concentration FULLATTENTION
Deceptive person LIAR
“City on Fire” director Ringo LAM
Incoming flight figs. ETAS
“The Kitchen Boy” monarch TSAR
Fence entrance GATE
Fruit infused in gin SLOE
Smartwatch download APP
Focaccia alla salvia herb SAGE
Roof cover for a hurricane TARP
Only four-term POTUS FDR
Actress Pataky ELSA
“Don’t go!” e.g. PLEA
“Gender Reveal” or “Marsha’s Plate,” e.g. PODCAST
Medical scanner that may minimize anxiety OPENMRI
Work well together MESH
“Soulmates” channel AMC
___ mater ALMA
Causes of overtime TIES
Bollywood release FILM
“Makes sense” ISEE
Anne Frank’s father OTTO
Lends support to AIDS
Solar power source SUN
Opening GAP
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