USA Today Crossword Answers January 06, 2022

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Author: by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano


“I’ve ___ up my mind!” MADE
Drag pageant accessory SASH
Workbench tool CLAMP
Part of an agenda ITEM
Heartfelt request PLEA
“Ya ___ . . .” ALLAH
Decorative pillow cover SHAM
Solid as a ___ ROCK
10:1, for example RATIO
Piece of metal that cracks open a soft drink SODACANTAB
“Motownphilly” group Boyz II ___ MEN
Moody music genre EMO
Toast type RYE
Emmys and ESPYs AWARDS
Like flourless cake DENSE
Actress Ferrell TYRA
Notable period ERA
___ cuffs (jewelry) EAR
Sax or trumpet, for example HORN
House feature with a nice view PICTUREWINDOW
Gigging band’s vehicle VAN
Prayer leader IMAM
Boating tool OAR
Nest egg initials IRA
Cast a ballot VOTE
Eight-bit units BYTES
Rapa Nui aka ___ Island EASTER
Even score TIE
Sombrero, for example HAT
Place for an open water race SEA
Newspaper section that covers playoffs SPORTSPAGE
Slight grimace WINCE
Soprano’s song ARIA
Fashion magazine ELLE
“No worries” ITSOK
Color similar to aqua TEAL
Level of a ranking TIER
Birds in V formations GEESE
Sacred HOLY
Mouth off to SASS


Didn’t catch MISSED
Totally comfortable ATHOME
Totally accurate DEADON
“Cruella” star Stone EMMA
Air freshener type SPRAY
By itself ALONE
Religious offshoot SECT
Ceremonial Maori dance HAKA
Train unit CAR
Animal important to the Aymara LLAMA
Tuxedo Mask, for Mamoru Chiba ALTEREGO
Primary attraction MAINDRAW
Noodle soup garnished with basil PHO
Outside the box CREATIVE
Spanish Harlem aka El ___ BARRIO
People whose aspirations have obvious inspirations WANNABES
“___ it ain’t so!” SAY
Fraction of a min. SEC
Book club topic THEME
“Ouch!” YOW
Pieces of gossip RUMORS
Bong Joon-ho film about a family that insinuates itself into a wealthy household PARASITE
“You could put it that way . . .” INASENSE
Mouse relative RAT
Desertlike DRY
Compete VIE
Mexican singer dubbed the “Queen of Latin Pop” THALIA
Sharp-eyed birds EAGLES
Takes the wheel STEERS
___ de canasta (stew-filled snacks) TACOS
Part of an experiment TRIAL
Country where “Luca” is set ITALY
Trail PATH
Nabisco cookie OREO
Nonhuman housemates PETS
Drag pageant accessory WIG
___ out a living EKE
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