USA Today Crossword Answers January 07, 2022

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Author: by Mark Valdez %26 Brooke Husic


Like chilly weather BRISK
Nudge PROD
Like the number of letters in this answer ODD
Cup Noodles soup RAMEN
Molten rock LAVA
Word after “road” or “guilt” TRIP
More than enough AMPLE
Baker’s appliance OVEN
“Voila!” TADA
Aromatic wreaths worn on the head FLOWERCROWNS
“Transparent” star Light JUDITH
Director Daniels LEE
“Butter” group BTS
Shrek or Fiona OGRE
“I Love ___” (’50s sitcom) LUCY
Month after Feb. MAR
“Victory, ___ name is Plankton” (“SpongeBob” quote) THY
Couch SOFA
Festival celebrating Radha Krishna HOLI
Symbol of Judaism STAROFDAVID
Body part attached to a 48-Across HAND
“Sure” FINE
Acquired GOT
Contribute ADD
___ shui FENG
Esther Martinez’s language TEWA
Limb with an elbow ARM
Suffix with “Japan” or “Sudan” ESE
Like some locker rooms UNISEX
ABBA hit with the lyric “All I do is eat and sleep and sing” SUPERTROUPER
Fairy ___ (hair woe) KNOT
Wildflower in a Louise Gluck title IRIS
Assembly of experts PANEL
Chimney residue SOOT
Number of lives cats are said to have NINE
Old saying ADAGE
Org. with cryptographers NSA
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Unhand LETGO


Garment in a Cora Harrington review BRA
Aries animal RAM
Little demon IMP
Photo taken with a front-facing camera SELFIE
Prepared to do camel pose KNELT
Snow-clearing tool PLOW
Party where you might 9-Down all night RAVE
Excessively OVERLY
Move to the music DANCE
Name that anagrams to “toot” OTTO
Structures that cross moats DRAWBRIDGES
“Pics or it ___ happen” DIDNT
Throw to a teammate PASS
“Goodness gracious!” OHLORD
Get rid of REMOVE
___ down (make a note of) JOT
“Grr, seriously?” UGH
No-water-needed hair products DRYSHAMPOOS
Sci-fi vehicle UFO
___ latte CAFFE
Broadway actress Stroker ALI
Smoothing power tool SANDER
End a phone call HANGUP
Skosh TAD
Racket DIN
The “O” in IOU OWE
Payment to the government TAX
___ wheel (carnival ride) FERRIS
Poses a question ASKS
Sentence that’s overlong RUNON
Short gig STINT
Neighbor of India NEPAL
James in the Blues Hall of Fame ETTA
Sty sound OINK
Functions USES
Jazz singer ___ King Cole NAT
Chipsi mayai ingredient EGG
Lion of the zodiac LEO
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