USA Today Crossword Answers January 09, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Chiropractor’s focus SPINE
Needed a rubdown ACHED
Little taste of sujeonggwa SIP
Sister brand of Maidenform HANES
___-wheat pita WHOLE
Italian for “three” TRE
Label on some health food products USDAORGANIC
“Right you ___!” ARE
Tend to congee STIR
“Take this one” HERE
National Pet Day month APRIL
Take all of HOG
Peep-___ boots TOE
Strong suit FORTE
Spa garment ROBE
The Z in ZIP code ZONE
Deceptive person LIAR
Dumpster rodent RAT
“Fight for You” singer HER
People treating sleep apnea ENTS
Fruit from the Sunshine State FLORIDAORANGE
Prepare genmaicha BREW
In favor of FOR
Occupy a bench SIT
Most August babies, astrologically LEOS
Yard segments FEET
Part of a phone plan DATA
Daisy relatives ASTERS
Frigid ICY
“I’m in my flop ___” ERA
Stock unit SHARE
Had on WORE
Play’s opening part ACTI
Roofing sealant TAR
Tropical flower with fragrant five-petal blooms VANDAORCHID
“___ Mubarak” EID
Receded from the shore EBBED
Come up ARISE
37-Across, etc. (Abbr.) DRS
Rental agreement LEASE
Swim team events MEETS


“Be quiet!” SHUSH
Person delivering a sermon PASTOR
Color on South Carolina’s state flag INDIGO
Not far away NEAR
Spanish for “that” ESO
“Maaan . . .” AWGEEZ
Burn on the outside CHAR
Sharpen HONE
Name hidden in “make a beeline” ELI
After-dinner coffee choice DECAF
Playing the lead STARRING
Utensils for potatoes PEELERS
Letter before sigma RHO
Boiled cornmeal dish POLENTA
Origami mishap TEAR
Computer program with tabs BROWSER
Airport serving the Chicago area OHARE
Prefix meaning “new” NEO
Messes up ERRS
Minor fights TIFFS
Something new and different might be described as a breath of it FRESHAIR
Gymnasts’ outfits LEOTARDS
Fawn’s mother DOE
Comedian Bryant AIDY
Criticized sharply BLASTED
Angry speech TIRADE
Computer fixer TECHIE
Word after “makeup” or “martial” ARTIST
Celebrate REVEL
C-suite leader CEO
Assistants AIDES
Connecticut Sun’s org. WNBA
Appreciative poems ODES
Unit of farmland ACRE
Name hidden in “make a beeline” ABE
Lamb’s father RAM
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