USA Today Crossword Answers January 10, 2022

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Author: by Claire Rimkus


Bitter beers ALES
Travel documents VISAS
Enemy FOE
Zero, in tennis LOVE
“Things Fall ___” (Achebe novel) APART
Rotate TURN
Cathy Park Hong creation POEM
Prepares for the future LOOKSAHEAD
Like zebras and tigers STRIPED
Kokeshi, e.g. DOLLS
Footvolley divider NET
Interior design DECOR
Word that a letter might start with DEAR
Web address URL
“Omg so funny!” LOL
Educational tool LEARNINGAID
Tailless primate APE
Like al fresco dining OUTSIDE
Enamored SMITTEN
Get an A+ on ACE
Fail to bring LEAVEBEHIND
TV room DEN
HighlightHer founder Chambers ARI
The planet of Tatooine has two SUNS
“Damage” singer HER
Transparent CLEAR
Lager type first made in the city of Plzen PILSNER
Competed like Tom Daley DOVE
“You got that right!” AMEN
Bird on the Mexican flag EAGLE
Continent where sun bears live ASIA
Writing implement PEN
Rough around the ___ EDGES
Holler YELL


“The Sound of Music” mountain range ALPS
Pirate’s haul LOOT
“Felix ___ After” (Kacen Callender novel) EVER
Discussion-based courses SEMINARS
Opposite of self-parking VALET
Apple MP3 player IPOD
___ Tome and Principe SAO
Cabinet holding a Torah ARK
GPS lines (Abbr.) STS
Logs, for a fire FUEL
Word before “hygiene” or “history” ORAL
Finishes ENDS
Norse god of Thunder THOR
Hoopla ADO
Pork dish often accompanied by arroz con gandules PERNIL
Used a shovel DUG
Clear off the chalkboard ERASE
Go free soloing CLIMB
Two, in cards DEUCE
Like the plums in the poem “This Is Just To Say” EATEN
Language that gave us “i.e.” LATIN
Uncorks OPENS
Give temporarily LEND
Batch of laundry LOAD
As perfect as possible IDEAL
Gets closer NEARS
Fuel type DIESEL
Day of the week named after 15-Down THURSDAY
Compete VIE
Reason for using a heating pad PAIN
Caterer’s coffee dispenser URN
Ducks out of sight HIDES
Applaud CLAP
Green fruit in caipirinhas LIME
Like numbers divisible by two EVEN
Like pastel colors PALE
Place for a pore strip NOSE
Wicked EVIL
Not imaginary REAL
“___ whiz!” GEE
Family member honored in June DAD
French toast ingredient EGG
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