USA Today Crossword Answers January 12, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Speak with a hoarse voice RASP
Vehicle made from a pumpkin in “Cinderella” COACH
Sword with a 90-centimeter blade EPEE
Type of belly button OUTIE
Country where Ana de Armas was born CUBA
“Use your inside voice!” DONTSCREAM
Brewpub orders ALES
Prefix used with music genres ALT
___ Ruby (D.C. nonprofit with the slogan “Everyone’s Home”) CASA
For grown folks ADULT
Put on a ___ (play really well) CLINIC
Religious subgroups SECTS
Voice quality TONE
Rainforest wildcat OCELOT
Lob shot’s path ARC
Up to the job ABLE
Its currency is the nakfa ERITREA
Popular dessert in Bangkok DURIANICECREAM
“Fargo” actress Kirsten DUNST
Little kids TOTS
Barn birds OWLS
Toymaker with a pointy hat ELF
The Ninja Turtles, for example TEENS
Poppy part STEM
Jacksonville’s state (Abbr.) FLA
Makes mistakes ERRS
Necco Wafer shape DISC
Lang Lang’s instrument PIANO
Dial-up pioneer AOL
Substance used to pickle lutefisk LYE
Fish family that includes goldfish and koi CARP
Current’s direction DOWNSTREAM
Collection of raked leaves PILE
Party notice received online EVITE
“___ suggestions?” ANY
Wise ones SAGES
Metallic resources ORES


Censor from a document REDACT
Harlem theater APOLLO
Submitted SENTIN
___ peeve PET
Pepsi rival COCACOLA
Yours and mine OURS
Feeling relaxed ATEASE
Spy org. linked to abstract expressionism CIA
Edge of a dress HEM
Whole bunches SCADS
Online streaming service HULU
___ Prize (award won by Karen Uhlenbeck in 2019) ABEL
Pole that holds a sail MAST
Poli-___ degree SCI
Upper part of a house ATTIC
Gets closer to NEARS
Votes into office ELECTS
Hard parts of pineapples CORES
Middle point CENTER
Monarch’s domain REALM
Filming devices, for short CAMS
Attacked by a mosquito BITTEN
Gaits for horses TROTS
In an inequitable manner UNFAIRLY
Particles in electrolytes IONS
Certainly, for short DEF
Wears away ERODES
Riverbed sediment SILT
Amounts prescribed DOSES
Gorilla, for example APE
Initial poker bet ANTE
New Haven university YALE
First aid givers EMTS
Expert in IRS forms CPA
Eggs, in Latin OVA
___ install WIG
Letter after pi RHO
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