USA Today Crossword Answers January 13, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


___ California, Mexico BAJA
Numbered composition OPUS
Amex competitor CITI
Maryam Mirzakhani’s birth country IRAN
Totally nonsensical INANE
Noodle eaten with mentsuyu UDON
Aid for a shopper LIST
Tall, thin person STRINGBEAN
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Aspiring attorney’s exam LSAT
Fears intensely DREADS
Cut into pieces SLICEUP
Was deceitful LIED
City in western Alaska NOME
Voicemail prompt TONE
Sriracha color RED
Art ___ (Roaring Twenties style) DECO
Peaceful hand gesture VSIGN
Rowboat propeller OAR
Toddler’s four-wheeler WAGON
Actor Alexander IAN
Reasons for cram sessions TESTS
T.A.’s email address ending EDU
Clairvoyants SEERS
Colors HUES
Chesapeake, e.g. BAY
“___ your day so far?” HOWS
Dinner table sound BURP
Prohibitions BANS
Expresses sorrow about BEMOANS
Hollywood awards OSCARS
Blurt out secrets BLAB
Dark bread grain RYE
Look surreptitiously SNEAKAPEEK
Star-studded fundraiser, perhaps GALA
Rich deposit LODE
“___ Who’s Coming to Dinner” GUESS
Landfill emanation ODOR
Had to repay OWED
Makes a decision OPTS
Cards below jacks TENS


Wallet fillers BILLS
Sans-serif font ARIAL
Actress with six consecutive NAACP Image Awards JASMINEGUY
Insect with two stomachs ANT
Available if needed ONTAP
Auto shop purchase PART
Prefix similar to “mono” UNI
Shipping out SENDING
Like tofu in miso soup CUBED
Concept IDEA
Cricket-loving amphibian TOAD
Rustic stopovers INNS
Matter in dispute ISSUE
Knack for gardening GREENTHUMB
Subtropical ocean predator LEMONSHARK
“Let It Shine” actress Jones COCO
Butcher shop cuts LOINS
Pre-1917 monarchs TSARS
Floral procession in Pasadena ROSEPARADE
Enjoys some vada pav, say EATS
Pulmonologists, e.g. (Abbr.) DRS
Father, to a baby DADA
Personal opinions VIEWS
Spider’s trap WEB
Currency in Latvia EURO
Far from recently EONSAGO
Young puffins have colorful ones BEAKS
Sounded like a sheep BAAED
“___ your heart!” BLESS
Yoga pants material NYLON
Blackens on the grill SEARS
Norway’s largest city OSLO
Kangchenjunga covering SNOW
Relinquish CEDE
Rosolli veggie BEET
Baby coyote PUP
Comprehended GOT
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