USA Today Crossword Answers January 16, 2019

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Author: by Tracy Gray


Conspiratorial group CABAL
Gail Collins piece, e.g. OPED
“Let us know,” on an invite RSVP
Tandoor and microwave OVENS
Like many pizza orders TOGO
Working diligently ATIT
Sewing kit item PINCUSHION
MasterCard competitor VISA
Stuff to the gills SATE
Full of anxiety TENSE
Cool Italian treats ICES
Evade, as an issue SKIRT
Flashy hoops shot DUNK
Pet watcher SITTER
“Nothing more needed” WERESET
“Don’t ___, Be Happy” WORRY
“Law & Order” highlight TRIAL
Part of HMS, at times HER
Playing on the road AWAY
Gem that may be farmed PEARL
Bring on board HIRE
“Big ___” (McGwire nickname) MAC
Misty-eyed WEEPY
Vergara of “Modern Family” SOFIA
Many Epson printers INKJETS
Hung around WAITED
Give some slack to EASE
Picks on BAITS
Eugene of “American Pie” movies LEVY
Bassoons and oboes REEDS
Muscle injury TEAR
Baldwin who lampoons Trump ALEC
Strudel wrapping PUFFPASTRY
Spinner atop a barn VANE
Two-time Indy champ Luyendyk ARIE
Monument Valley rock formation BUTTE
Start the kitty ANTE
Cocktail napkin scribbling NOTE
Fixes, as a pet SPAYS


Robber pursuers COPS
Skechers competitor AVIA
Needing realignment BENT
Genealogy dot-com ANCESTRY
Tiger Stadium sch. LSU
None of the above OTHER
One percent of a mortgage amount POINT
Inflated self-images EGOS
Irrevocable agreement DONEDEAL
Steep-sided valley RAVINE
Four-on-the-floor, e.g. STICKSHIFT
Tool with jaws VISE
School fundraising orgs. PTAS
Tend to a wok STIR
Scroll Lock or Num Lock KEY
Web address, briefly URL
Hindu teacher SWAMI
Hawkeye State native IOWAN
110-meter hurdles, e.g. TRACKEVENT
Like an Airedale’s coat WIRY
Like ghost sightings EERIE
Tire pattern TREAD
Kickoff aids TEES
Wu-Tang Clan genre RAP
Neverland boy PETERPAN
Raises, as sails HOISTSUP
“Master of Horror” Craven WES
Settled on a settee SAT
Civic organization member JAYCEE
Small, frail person WISP
Prove suitable for BEFIT
Pay-per-click charge, e.g. ADFEE
Kilauea outpouring LAVA
Flamboyant style ELAN
It replaced the Estonian kroon EURO
James in the Blues Hall of Fame ETTA
Pretentiously cultured ARTY
Reuben breads RYES
Targets of plank exercises ABS
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