USA Today Crossword Answers January 23, 2023

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Author: by Hoang-Kim Vu


Take a ___ at (try) STAB
Rubber ducky’s place BATH
Numerical factoid STAT
Guesstimate phrase ORSO
Another word for cocoa beans CACAO
Fundoshi and others LOINCLOTHS
“Darn!” RATS
Marked down at a store ONSALE
Take a load off SIT
Retirement planning options IRAS
Mattress topper material FOAM
___ Falls NIAGARA
Phrase on signs in public parks NOLITTERING
Among AMID
Bakunawa’s habitat SEA
Small housepet GERBIL
Identified NAMED
“As a counterpoint . . .” for short TBF
Tie score in tennis DEUCE
Garment for a newborn ONESIE
Faulty BAD
Desperate request PLEA
Game with a “Fold” button ONLINEPOKER
Verb in an ohn no khao swe recipe STIR
Bumpy amphibian TOAD
Lincoln ___ (children’s toy piece) LOG
Crosses a threshold ENTERS
City in Pennsylvania ERIE
Synchronized INLOCKSTEP
Dough in tamales and pupusas MASA
Sound in a fit of laughter SNORT
Cakesters cookie OREO
“Maybe ___ born with it . . .” SHES
Adheres closely HEWS
Home made of twigs NEST


Alone SOLO
Suffix for “jumbo,” in stadiums TRON
In its current condition ASIS
Personal credentials BONAFIDES
“Amy Wu and the Perfect ___” BAO
Parts of plays ACTS
Sesame condiment in Middle Eastern cuisine TAHINI
Having people over HOSTING
Herb cutting SPRIG
Prom accessory TIARA
Place where some vows are exchanged ALTAR
Olympic ice dancer Virtue TESSA
Football shoes CLEATS
Coagulate CLOT
Come face to face MEET
Got older AGED
Prefix meaning “one billionth” NANO
Country whose capital is Muscat OMAN
Green cocktail garnish LIME
One presiding over a bat mitzvah RABBI
Does a news story about REPORTSON
Buy in ___ BULK
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Shakespearean title king LEAR
“It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” singer Celine DION
Cheering section members FANS
Like Londoners and Liverpudlians ENGLISH
Discover the presence of DETECT
“Russian Doll” star Natasha LYONNE
Color of some wines PINK
Parts of peonies STEMS
It’s read from during a bat mitzvah TORAH
Possible result of union negotiations RAISE
Brainstorm output IDEAS
What fireflies do GLOW
Raison d’___ ETRE
“Mudbound” director Dee REES
On-the-___ decision SPOT
Surgical sites, for short ORS
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