USA Today Crossword Answers July 02, 2020

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Author: by Evan Kalish


Assist AID
Actress Jessica ALBA
Baby’s bed CRIB
Be unhumble BRAG
Den denizen LION
Speaker’s asset POISE
Region with many churches BIBLEBELT
___ closet LINEN
Guarantee ASSURE
Proven to be false DEBUNKED
Chief Justice Warren EARL
Rescue pro in an ambulance EMT
Many animated images GIFS
Fashionista’s sense TASTE
NGOs, e.g. ORGS
“I’ve got it!” AHA
Reduce, ___, recycle REUSE
Enjoy some shabu-shabu, say EAT
Many a Claudia Rankine opus ESSAY
Dessert in a boat BANANASPLIT
Show that starts at 11:29:30 p.m. ET SNL
Spoken exam ORAL
Knight’s ride STEED
Reusable bag TOTE
“___ seeing things?” AMI
Brother of Cain and Abel SETH
Portrayer of Eve in “Killing Eve” and Ava in “Meditation Park” SANDRAOH
Comes up ARISES
Couldn’t-have-done-it reason ALIBI
Bearded farm dweller BILLYGOAT
Teeny bits IOTAS
October birthstone OPAL
Garden sprayer HOSE
Does, bucks and fawns DEER
Catch sight of ESPY
Just-introduced NEW


Palindromic Swedish band ABBA
State flower of Tennessee IRIS
Hair gel amounts DABS
Province where Joni Mitchell was born ALBERTA
Be dishonest LIE
Assertive BOLD
Poker pot starter ANTE
50-50 flip COINTOSS
Skaters’ place RINK
“Ah, gotcha” ISEE
Curve in the road BEND
Affixes with an adhesive GLUES
Fruit such as the damson PLUM
Noteworthy time period ERA
“How have you ___?” BEEN
Most recent LATEST
“Grand Hotel” star Greta GARBO
“Rumor has it . . .” IHEAR
Counterpart of flora FAUNA
Geometric figure SHAPE
Book publisher’s offerings TITLES
Waverly Place surname RUSSO
Not just big GIANT
Fashionista’s sense STYLE
Big ___ (London landmark) BEN
Comprehend GET
Station with greens SALADBAR
Tajikistan’s continent ASIA
“If everything goes right . . .” IDEALLY
Femur’s place THIGH
Hospital scans MRIS
Give it a go TRY
“Mama ___” (Shirelles classic) SAID
Succulent plant ALOE
Late time, informally NITE
Jennifer Paull’s instrument OBOE
Fanny pack’s place HIPS
Before long SOON
Alleviate EASE
Feijoada, e.g. STEW
Single trip across a pool LAP
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