USA Today Crossword Answers July 26, 2021

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Author: by Tracy Gray


eBay actions BIDS
Seized vehicle, for short REPO
McDonald’s ___ and Oreo Burger SPAM
502.7 square miles, for Los Angeles AREA
Opera cheer BRAVA
Greek vowel IOTA
Tiramisu cake LADYFINGER
Filming locations SETS
___ Justice Initiative EQUAL
Like the sound of a creaky staircase EERIE
Bit of ink, for short TAT
Shoots the breeze CHATS
Larger-than-life stories EPICS
Dripping WET
Completely dark PITCHBLACK
End of a threat ORELSE
Big theft HEIST
Walk through water WADE
Period of time STINT
Visitor from outer space ALIEN
Casual top TSHIRT
Assist in a crime AIDANDABET
Emotional distress ANGST
Name that rhymes with Cheryl ERROL
Mint container TIN
“I am . . . ___ Fierce” SASHA
“Wasn’t me . . . I was out of town,” e.g. ALIBI
Air pollution SMOG
Pink alcoholic drinks BLUSHWINES
Wyatt or Wynonna EARP
He makes a list and checks it twice SANTA
Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy VEEP
Bitter beers ALES
Discreet “Hey, you!” PSST
Best Championship Performance, e.g. ESPY


Hayride seat BALE
Baghdad’s country IRAQ
Subtracted DEDUCTED
Request after “Open wide!” SAYAH
Batting stat RBI
Sincere-sounding name ERNEST
One might be dog-eared PAGE
Above OVER
Serena to Venus, for short SIS
Word before “justice” or “license” POETIC
Bombard ATTACK
Sailboats’ poles MASTS
“god is a woman” singer, to fans ARI
Parts of cereal boxes FLAPS
Elongated fishes EELS
Is connected TIESIN
Where pumpkins grow PATCH
Astound WOW
Historical period ERA
World’s most populous country CHINA
Female in a coop HEN
Filled with resentment BITTER
Is ahead LEADS
Dustin Milligan’s “Schitt’s Creek” role TED
JetBlue and Delta, e.g. AIRLINES
Expert PRO
Pigs’ hangout STY
Back muscles, for short LATS
Scarecrows are stuffed with it STRAW
“The Muppet Show” drummer ANIMAL
Give the cold shoulder to IGNORE
Animals BEASTS
Between ports ATSEA
Pimiento-stuffed morsel OLIVE
Scissor kicks work them ABS
Open-handed hit SLAP
“Mulan” invaders HUNS
Microwave sound BEEP
Road trip guessing game ISPY
Navigational aid GPS
Bowler or beanie, e.g. HAT
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