USA Today Crossword Answers June 11, 2021

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Author: by Rebecca Goldstein


Physicians, for short DOCS
Moist DAMP
Having the capability ABLE
Bird on Egypt’s flag EAGLE
Vehicles for aliens, perhaps UFOS
Breakfast-in-bed holder TRAY
Fruity ice cream drink STRAWBERRYSHAKE
Some sleep shirts TEES
Oodles ALOT
“Anything ___?” ELSE
Places to get massages SPAS
Diarist Lister dubbed “the first modern lesbian” ANNE
Drink stirrer SWIZZLESTICK
Smile shape ARC
Name hidden in “white lies” ELIE
Grow molars TEETHE
Stubborn animal MULE
Scolding sound TSK
___ bracelet (’90s fad) SLAP
“Pretty ___ with a cherry on top!” PLEASE
Walkman insert TAPE
Extremely fun LIT
Dalai ___ LAMA
Flower that’s 60-Across backwards IRIS
Compost bin smell ODOR
Destroy RUIN
Genderless Apple assistant SIRI
Small Christmas gift STOCKINGSTUFFER
Greeting in Spanish HOLA
Word after “stem” or before “phone” CELL
Book’s name TITLE
Holler YELL
LGBT rights activist Windsor EDIE
Site with custom crafts ETSY


Meetup from Lex DATE
Fairy tale monsters OGRES
Necklace fasteners CLASPS
Do some needlework SEW
“Hamilton” faceoff DUEL
“Big Hair, Don’t Care” do AFRO
___ Kombat MORTAL
“Gangnam Style” singer PSY
Megan Rapinoe and Patricio Manuel, e.g. ATHLETES
GI Collection buys BRAS
Waterskiing spot LAKE
“Queer ___” (Netflix show) EYE
Approximation (Abbr.) EST
Pesto herb BASIL
Taste or touch, e.g. SENSE
Leave wonderstruck AWE
Badminton divider NET
Bit of acne ZIT
Citrus peels ZESTS
“___ be just a minute” ITLL
Spiced tea CHAI
Didn’t throw out KEPT
Sound-boosting devices AMPS
“No TV during dinner,” maybe RULE
DuVall of “But I’m A Cheerleader” CLEA
Have brunch at a farmer’s market, say EATLOCAL
Dennings of “WandaVision” KAT
“Framing Britney Spears” director Samantha STARK
Stately tree ELM
“I think you’re missing the ___” POINT
Make a mistake ERR
Worked to achieve EARNED
Round peg in a square hole MISFIT
___ through (rummages through) SIFTS
Indigenous Midwestern tribe OTOE
Qai Qai, e.g. DOLL
Unsightly-sounding fruit UGLI
Bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Depend RELY
Fury IRE
Unlikely to initiate conversation SHY
Drink cooler ICE
Natives of Colorado UTE
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