USA Today Crossword Answers June 26, 2020

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Author: by Gail Grabowski


Elite group of guests ALIST
“Dancing Queen” pop group ABBA
Part of an orange RIND
Supreme Court justice Sotomayor SONIA
Car financing option LOAN
Buffalo’s Great Lake ERIE
Remove from power OUST
Maya Angelou, e.g. POET
Avoid making a decision SITONTHEFENCE
“___ to the Women on Long Island” (Olivia Gatwood poem) ODE
Stages of a journey LEGS
Wedding cake part LAYER
Went by bike CYCLED
Flu season protection SHOT
Ingredient in some lip balms ALOE
Origami medium PAPER
Lingerie item BRA
Ecological revival LANDRESTORATION
Now ___ then AND
Improbable win UPSET
Kellogg’s waffle brand EGGO
Handful for a nanny BRAT
Car financing options LEASES
Completely flummoxed ATSEA
Period of prosperity BOOM
Wrath IRE
Compromise on your expectations SETTLEFORLESS
Subscription period, often YEAR
“Desperate Housewives” actress Delany DANA
Evaluates RATES
James who sang “All I Could Do Was Cry” ETTA
Overabundance GLUT
Athens resident GREEK
“So ___ say” THEY
Apart from this ELSE
In advance EARLY


Mule’s sire ASS
Subdivision division LOT
Momentarily INASECOND
Voice-activated assistant SIRI
Tell on someone TATTLE
Word after “get” or “move” ALONG
Boxing matches BOUTS
Criticize severely BASH
Draw poker bet ANTE
Say again REPEAT
It can be dramatic or situational IRONY
Family tree part NIECE
Discourage DETER
British lexicon (Abbr.) OED
Regional plant life FLORA
City west of Daytona Beach OCALA
Birth name of Dil Pickles DYLAN
Was winning LED
Catch sight of SPOT
That girl HER
Whispered attention-getter PSST
Grabbed a bite ATE
Little kid’s role model, perhaps BIGSISTER
“___ that!” ROGER
Have ___ for news ANOSE
Like farm life RURAL
Org. that publishes the newsletter GoGreen! EPA
Brewed drink TEA
Be disloyal to BETRAY
Texting chuckle LOL
Come into view EMERGE
Up to now ASYET
Comb components TEETH
Missouri or Mississippi, for example STATE
Year-end reward BONUS
Give a keynote, say ORATE
Live on the ___ EDGE
Take a spill FALL
“Grey’s Anatomy” actress Ramirez SARA
Fish that can swim backwards EEL
Place for clouds SKY
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