USA Today Crossword Answers June 27, 2020

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Author: by Erik Agard


Impact sound BANG
Cut in the kitchen CHOP
Payment to a finder FEE
Nabisco brand OREO
___ Inu (dog breed) SHIBA
Cherry variety BING
Blue-green color TEAL
Punctuation mark before a list COLON
Computer command UNDO
Cobb salad ingredients HARDBOILEDEGGS
Half of a 16-Across DOT
Bar between wheels AXLE
Impact sound THUD
“___, bomaye!” (Rumble in the Jungle chant) ALI
Earth, in Latin TERRA
Large bodies of water SEAS
Place to record STUDIO
Word after “Civil” or “Infinity” in the MCU WAR
“And finally, equally importantly . . .” LASTBUTNOTLEAST
Piece of legislation ACT
Serves as ruler REIGNS
Sports honorees MVPS
Temporary state PHASE
KC time zone CST
Take orders from OBEY
Part of an autumn pile LEAF
Business VIP CFO
Valuables from the ocean floor SUNKENTREASURE
Experts ACES
Practice like 25-Across SPAR
Part of a calendar PAGE
Part of a calendar APRIL
“Jump Into My Fire” singer James ETTA
Expert PRO
Female deer DOES


“Why not ___?” BOTH
Vicinity AREA
In the vicinity NEAR
Shiny particles GOLDDUST
“Permanent Record” author Mary H.K. ___ CHOI
Mound of earth HILL
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Black-and-white animal PANDA
Beauty shop technique FINGERWAVE
Draws to a close ENDS
Beyonce hit with the lyric “Some call it arrogant/I call it confident” EGO
Get off ___-free SCOT
Brass instrument BUGLE
Physique, for short BOD
Speak highly of EXTOL
Instruct TEACH
“See you later!” HASTALUEGO
High floor ATTIC
Respiratory organs LUNGS
Part of idk IDONT
Hoarse RASPY
Part of B.A. ARTS
Sound of a high-five SLAP
Hoops great Bird SUE
“___ now or never!” ITS
Stop working BREAK
Like some business cards EMBOSSED
Rational thinking SENSE
One ___ kind OFA
Spreadsheet box CELL
Injury aftereffect SCAR
“Yup” opposite NOPE
“ANTM” creator Banks TYRA
Drops in a forecast RAIN
No more than UPTO
Pay stat RATE
History class units ERAS
Subject of a phone update APP
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