USA Today Crossword Answers June 28, 2020

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Dull-colored DRAB
Honeycomb component CELL
Communicates silently MIMES
Exude OOZE
Cookie brand with a Carrot Cake flavor OREO
“The Planet Is Burning” comedian Glazer ILANA
Someone to tip HOTELMAID
Long past the “use by” date, perhaps MOLDY
Enjoyed an egg tart, say ATE
“No ___, ands or buts” IFS
Winter accessories GLOVES
Joe ___ (average guy) SCHMO
Tenant’s document LEASE
Creepy EERIE
Online purchase button PAYNOW
___ and void NULL
Old Roman wrap TOGA
“Likewise” SOAMI
“Make it fast!” ASAP
Become larger SWELL
Newton or tesla UNIT
Fabric named for a French city DENIM
Get the pot going ANTE
Pilates roll-ups MATS
Convention venues ARENAS
Beliefs not easily abandoned DOGMA
Electrical networks GRIDS
“Shut up!” CANIT
Hummus ingredient TAHINI
One might be steamed BUN
Joke GAG
Clear wrap brand SARAN
NFL wideout with 1,549 career receptions JERRYRICE
Speak your mind OPINE
Cricket field shape OVAL
Amway competitor AVON
Mardi Gras mementos BEADS
Bothers persistently NAGS
Blue jay’s home NEST


Qatar’s most populous city DOHA
Tree anchors ROOTS
Tenochtitlan resident of old AZTEC
Pollen collector BEE
Periods that might be associated with heads of state ERAS
Fragrant necklace LEI
Place to stay LODGE
Drinks served in champagne flutes MIMOSAS
Admiring words to a bro ILOVEYOUMAN
___ gaze MALE
Wraps up ENDS
“. . . to ___ the least” SAY
Citrus for pico de gallo LIME
Once around the track LAP
Bit of assistance HELPINGHAND
Larger-than-life people LEGENDS
Major corn-producing state IOWA
Nickname for Grandma NANA
Fail to include OMIT
Keep your ___ about you WITS
___ experience USER
Bowling alley division LANE
Choir member ALTO
Hamstring exercises LEGCURLS
Naval personnel MARINES
Moral lapse SIN
Loads of MANY
Mustard named for a French city DIJON
“Enough already!” IGIVE
Tuesday treats TACOS
Gift wrapper’s roll TAPE
Opera showstopper ARIA
Talk boastfully BRAG
Well-mannered fellow GENT
Cry noisily SOB
“Total Divas” star Marie EVA
Competed in the Twin Cities Marathon, say RAN
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