USA Today Crossword Answers March 30, 2021

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Author: by Paolo Pasco


Makes illegal BANS
Animal Crossing rabbit DOTTY
Surface for 16-Across ICE
Domains AREAS
State home to some Bannock people IDAHO
Manon Rheaume’s sports org. circa 1992 NHL
Pose also called Adho Mukha Svanasana DOWNWARDDOG
Mahjong cube DIE
Meshell Ndegeocello is one BASSIST
Going up RISING
Green prefix ECO
Title held by Leodore Lionheart in Zootopia MAYOR
Animated show with the ship Catradora SHERA
Short-term staffer TEMP
Large tub VAT
“___ for a surprise” OPEN
Resource in Minecraft or Catan ORE
Self-esteem helper EGOBOOST
Slip provided as proof of delivery RETURNRECEIPT
Shriveled up WITHERED
Name found in “shuriken” KEN
Nueve menos uno OCHO
Apt-sounding name for a soup kitchen worker STU
Show up at GOTO
Sets of bloopers REELS
Tint in old photos SEPIA
“Immediately!” NOW
Horror movie sound SCREAM
“Mom” star Janney ALLISON
Culture writer Karen HAN
L.A. neighborhood home to Museum Row MIRACLEMILE
Name found in “shuriken” IKE
Hold responsible BLAME
Tech worker CODER
Perry the Platypus, to Phineas and Ferb PET
Ofrenda, e.g. ALTAR
Canvas sneaker brand KEDS


Unwise wager BADBET
Like someone who doesn’t experience romantic or sexual attraction, for short AROACE
“Sapokanikan” artist Joanna NEWSOM
Without, in French SANS
Word before “trick” or “laundry” DIRTY
“Weird . . .” ODD
Tiny amount TAD
Marvel god THOR
Teachers of 17-Across, maybe YOGIS
Genre for mxmtoon and Superorganism INDIEPOP
Violin attachment CHINREST
Do the first third of a triathlon SWIM
Cute ___ button ASA
Waving away SHOOING
Past the deadline OVERDUE
Unbridled fury RAGE
Flat tire cause, maybe POTHOLE
Clock sound TOCK
Regret RUE
Makes a whoopsie ERRS
Scripps National mascot BEE
Flat, crunchy health food RICECAKE
Wi-Fi alternative ETHERNET
Sepak takraw court dividers NETS
___ kick (football ploy) ONSIDE
Hand-___ leather TOOLED
Phineas and Ferb, to Perry the Platypus OWNERS
Afro-Brazilian dance SAMBA
Indiana NBAer PACER
“___ be the judge of that” ILL
Smart ___ (know-it-all) ALEC
Pepper grinder MILL
“No thanks” IMOK
Subway rodent RAT
Doctors’ org. AMA
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