USA Today Crossword Answers March 31, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Told a tall tale LIED
Maker of in-app purchases USER
Mediterranean island known for its nightlife IBIZA
Sudden desire URGE
Acrylic nail shade NUDE
Oven button BROIL
Big ol’ zeros GOOSEEGGS
“L’etoile du Nord,” for Minnesota MOTTO
Go onstage ENTER
Computer settings icon, often GEAR
“Hang tight” WAIT
All too common RIFE
Some August births LEOS
Undesired consequences ADVERSEEFFECTS
Legends and such LORE
Georgia airport code ATL
Far from sturdy FRAIL
Geologic time unit ERA
Culinary mash-ups FUSIONS
Molecule hidden in “barnacles” RNA
Engaged in battle ATWAR
Dead heat TIE
Being broadcast, perhaps ONTV
Extensions you can bat FALSEEYELASHES
Big rig SEMI
Bambi, by the end of the story STAG
Streaming service whose name means “gourd” in Chinese HULU
Item you might give an unhoused neighbor TENT
Mortar between tiles GROUT
Agenda entries ITEMS
Things to tie up LOOSEENDS
“RuPaul’s Drag Race” group PANEL
Bird of peace DOVE
Perched on ATOP
Untrustworthy SHADY
Twist SKEW
Boatloads TONS


Fastest sliding sport in the Winter Olympics LUGE
Metal susceptible to rusting IRON
Multi-award designation for Rita Moreno EGOT
French for “a” UNE
Part of a jigsaw puzzle EDGE
Thrift store objective RESALE
Cloud computing co. IBM
Web program BROWSER
I, in fraternity names IOTA
Rigatoni alternative ZITI
Quite frequently ALOT
People with a namesake Great Lake ERIE
MMA official REF
Mrs., in German FRAU
Trade-___ (compromises) OFFS
Largest artery AORTA
Feature of some Southern accents DRAWL
Among the best ELITE
Spanish for “meat” CARNE
Window-darkening treatments TINTS
Czech or Moravian SLAV
Bit of romaine LEAF
For no cost FREE
Old-fashioned heater OILSTOVE
Orderly NEAT
Took as a given ASSUMED
“Just my luck!” OHGREAT
First aid pro EMT
Gives up the floor YIELDS
Herb in saltimbocca SAGE
Rose ___ (herbal tea ingredients) HIPS
State home to Arches National Park UTAH
IOSL leader Maggie ___ Walker LENA
Animal Crossing raccoon Tom NOOK
“Hold ___ something!” ONTO
Curry ___ (noodle dish) UDON
Garlic paste amounts (Abbr.) TSPS
Foxlike SLY
Do some tailoring SEW
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