USA Today Crossword Answers May 01, 2021

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Author: by Evan Kalish


___-bitsy ITSY
___-hanging fruit LOW
Hearty sandwiches SUBS
VCR insert TAPE
Radiate EMIT
“Minari” filmmaker Lee ___ Chung ISAAC
Second-largest branch of Islam SHIA
Almost imperceptible TINY
Dallas County Voters League city SELMA
Toddlers’ milestones FIRSTSTEPS
Neatnik’s opposite SLOB
___ Arab Emirates UNITED
Complete collections SETS
“Hope Starts With You” ad, e.g. PSA
Trivial critique NIT
Rejections NOS
Word before “media” or “network” SOCIAL
Emulates Mary Cassatt or Hilma af Klint PAINTS
Plenty LOTS
Celebratory circuits VICTORYLAPS
“Recitatif” author Morrison TONI
Places for fanny packs WAISTS
TV show hidden in “zodiac signs” CSI
Feathery neckpiece BOA
“. . . that’s enough examples, right?” (Abbr.) ETC
Meditation master YOGI
Answer to the joke “What flowers grow on your face?” TULIPS
Airline reward BONUSMILES
Counterpart of management LABOR
Passage for tears DUCT
All’s opposite NONE
Sleep sound SNORE
Feed holder on a farm SILO
The highest-numbered one on a U.S. interstate is 880 EXIT
Canceled AXED
Water source TAP
Pulls up a chair SITS


“You’ll enjoy yourself!” ITSFUN
Falafel condiment TAHINI
Poltergeist, e.g. SPIRIT
Bread ingredient YEAST
“Sounds like a plan!” LETSDOIT
Not mention OMIT
Napa Valley beverages WINES
Fellow sorority member, for short SIS
Utilizes USES
Colorful play areas BALLPITS
Savory pastries often served with chutney SAMOSAS
Pack of plotters CABAL
Determination TENACITY
Boulevards and such (Abbr.) STS
Room designed to get a lot of sunlight SOLARIUM
Holier-than-thou person SNOB
Duplicate COPY
On ___ and needles PINS
Bi- plus one TRI
“Lip ___ Battle” (musical game show) SYNC
End of a bus line LASTSTOP
“Orphan Black” actress Maslany TATIANA
Water sources WELLS
Bawl SOB
Mississippi city known for its casinos BILOXI
“C’mon, check out your gift already!” OPENIT
Positive traits ASSETS
Recipients of prayers GODS
Most Greenlanders and many Alaskans INUIT
Actors learn them LINES
___ loser SORE
Campus near Hollywood UCLA
Classic covered bridge color RED
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