USA Today Crossword Answers May 02, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Tuesday fare TACOS
Citrus fruit used in Thai dishes LIME
___-of-the-moment SPUR
The Eocene, e.g. EPOCH
Voles, to owls PREY
Roadwork marker CONE
Guiding belief TENET
Howling wind GALE
Makes a decision OPTS
Through honest methods FAIRANDSQUARE
Enjoy a trampoline BOUNCE
Defeat in a footrace OUTRUN
Org. that’s 29-Across backward IRS
Seoul-based automaker KIA
___ Lankan SRI
“Story of Your Life” author Chiang TED
Doe or fawn DEER
“Toy Story” character voiced by Annie Potts BOPEEP
“The View” co-host SUNNYHOSTIN
Stir-fry dish often served with hoisin sauce MOOSHU
“Oh my!” GOSH
Recycling container BIN
Counterparts of aves. STS
Popcorn container TUB
Letters before a stage name AKA
Obstacle racer Boone AMELIA
___ cracker crust GRAHAM
Final steps in some makeup applications CLEARBROWGELS
Little ones KIDS
Place to canoe LAKE
Away from each other APART
___ out a victory (barely wins) EKES
Hits the wrong golf ball, say ERRS
Landscaping plant SHRUB
Second try REDO
Place at the table SEAT
Director’s captures TAKES


Biggest festival in Vietnam TET
Tailless primate APE
Perplexes CONFUSES
Home to kelp beds OCEAN
Comedian’s “thing” SHTICK
Org. that Jin Young Ko competes in LPGA
Tehran Stock Exchange’s country IRAN
Mix together MELD
They’re hard to look at EYESORES
Hunt for talent SCOUT
Idelle Weber genre POPART
Have another go at transmitting RESEND
Fashion designer Kawakubo REI
“Shh!” QUIET
Auction offer BID
Stuff in a mine ORE
Bottomless chasm ABYSS
Kettle part SPOUT
Liquor to soak raisins in RUM
“Now I understand!” OHH
Animal that oinks PIG
Polite refusal NOSIR
People of distinction NOTABLES
Genesis boat NOAHSARK
Music style from Jamaica SKA
Meat in an Italian sub HAM
Financial supporter BACKER
Phrase before verbalizing an internal monologue IMLIKE
Had to have NEEDED
___ boots UGG
Turkey portion BREAST
Rodeo rope LASSO
Letter before beta ALPHA
Far from common RARE
Bamia veggie OKRA
Compass direction WEST
Regret deeply RUE
“Miracle Workers” channel TBS
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