USA Today Crossword Answers May 02, 2022

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Author: by Madeline Kaplan %26 Brooke Husic


Manipulate, like a carnival game RIG
Scan for which metal jewelry has to be removed MRI
“Pow!” BAM
Mountain lion PUMA
Becomes a member of JOINS
___ vault (track and field event) POLE
Guy in Eden ADAM
Misbehave ACTUP
Electric mobility aid POWERCHAIR
Picked-out hairstyle AFRO
Lake Martin’s state (Abbr.) ALA
French “yes” OUI
Tiny bit TAD
“Who ___ to disagree?” AMI
Bubbly drink SPRITZ
Off in the distance YONDER
Kurti edge HEM
Targets for hydrocolloid dots ZITS
Took to court SUED
Costume designer with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame EDITHHEAD
Mark where a piercing used to be SCAR
As ___ on TV SEEN
Ramen topping EGG
Eye part CORNEA
Soak up ABSORB
“Slugterra” protagonist ___ Shane ELI
Finish in first WIN
Nickname for Abram ABE
Prefix for “pets” NEO
Product designed to attract new customers rather than be profitable LOSSLEADER
Fingerspell, for example SIGN
Bring to mind EVOKE
Memorization style ROTE
Not new USED
Bitter drinks ALES
Pen for pigs STY
Close to the ground LOW
“Good Girl Gone ___” (Rihanna album) BAD


“Away We Go” star Maya RUDOLPH
“That’s not news to me” IMAWARE
Elden Ring or ring toss GAME
Rice cakes eaten on New Year’s MOCHI
Poet Dove RITA
Like Inuvialuktun INUIT
Rectangular haircut BOXFADE
Extremely concerned ALARMED
“A History of My Brief Body,” for example MEMOIR
Use body mist SPRAY
Fried rice veggie PEA
Decompose ROT
Pancake served with sambar DOSA
“To rephrase . . .” IMEAN
Some bra shades NUDES
“___ the least I can do” ITS
Behind ___ scenes THE
___/her pronouns SHE
Took a turn in Pictionary DREW
Makes possible ENABLES
Rank in a ballet company SOLOIST
Likely to cause secondhand embarrassment CRINGEY
Venetian canal boat GONDOLA
Said hi to GREETED
Counting effort that takes place every 10 years CENSUS
“Revelations” choreographer Alvin AILEY
___ House (honeymaking item in Stardew Valley) BEE
Makes yawn BORES
“Harlem Shuffle,” for example NOVEL
At an angle ASKEW
Finish END
Just kinda meh SOSO
___ League (org. based in Cairo) ARAB
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