USA Today Crossword Answers May 03, 2022

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Author: by Sara Cantor


Give, like a gift BESTOW
Marsha P. Johnson State Park city (Abbr.) NYC
Greenish-blue shade AQUA
Oat-based skin care brand AVEENO
Promise-to-pay slip IOU
Go bad TURN
Horseradish, at a Seder BITTERHERB
___-up (held in) PENT
Quarterback Manning ELI
Noisy eating sound SMACK
“___ this mess” (rhyming phrase) BLESS
Double-hyphenated IDs SSNS
Tint HUE
Word repeated before “pants on fire” LIAR
Response to an underwhelming anecdote COOLSTORYBRO
Move like an inflatable tube man FLAIL
“Do you have a point?” AND
Word after “Kool-” and “Band-“ AID
“Who Are Your ___?” (picture book about family) PEOPLE
“u can’t be serious!” OMG
Spanakopita dough FILO
Impulse URGE
Animal that sounds like a pronoun EWE
Make changes to ALTER
Refreshing Lipton drink BRISKICEDTEA
Thesaurus entry (Abbr.) SYN
Business school subj. ECON
Diner regular’s order USUAL
Big deer ELK
Drums that come in pairs BONGOS
Unfriendly welcome CHILLYRECEPTION
Villain in a high school movie BULLY
Become vague BLUR
Oldest of all the Disney princesses ELSA
Eyelid bump STYE
Rapscallions IMPS
Profound DEEP


Cutie pies BABES
Wrongdoings EVILS
Take effect SETIN
Vietnamese holiday TET
Tip jar bills ONES
Sci-fi passageway WORMHOLE
Siblings’ daughters NIECES
Peppermint Pattie brand YORK
Young bear CUB
Having fun ATPLAY
Hint at an LGBTQ+ relationship as a marketing ploy QUEERBAIT
Coffee vessels URNS
Picnic pests ANTS
Animal on a Wingspan card BIRD
Stems and buds of garlic plants SCAPES
Like a four-hour movie LONG
Frying liquid OIL
Domesticated TAMED
Tick off RILE
Dirty gym clothes smell ODOR
Commuter boat FERRY
Places to grab a pint PUBS
Apt name for a person with an outstanding bill OWEN
Showed off FLAUNTED
Environmentalist’s prefix ECO
Author of many fables AESOP
Singer Rowland KELLY
“Eww!” ICKY
Jicamas, etc. TUBERS
Palindromic magazine ELLE
Football center’s move SNAP
TV channel whose logo is an eye CBS
Pizza ___ (restaurant chain) HUT
“Mwah xoxo” ILY
Batting stat RBI
Tree that’s often a street name ELM
Word after “sippy” or “coffee” CUP
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