USA Today Crossword Answers May 12, 2022

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Author: by Brooke Husic


Lead-in to “turf” ASTRO
Parts of some box sets DVDS
Disaster response agency FEMA
Made a sound like a crow CAWED
Ingredient in anti-chafing creams ALOE
“Can I ___ your closet?” RAID
Budget-friendly prefix ECONO
Gumbo thickener ROUX
Homophone of 11-Down URNS
Swimsuit whose top can be styled upside down STRINGBIKINI
Texas city north of the Rio Bravo ELPASO
Shelters for some protesters TENTS
Spiral shape COIL
Misery WOE
“S&M” singer, to fans RIH
Your and my OUR
Compliant with Islamic dietary laws HALAL
Space between two things GAP
Opposite of testing the waters DIVINGRIGHTIN
Ethiopian honey wine TEJ
Hyperaware ALERT
Make public AIR
Pointy part of an elf EAR
Take legal action against SUE
“Do ___ others . . .” UNTO
Planet’s path ORBIT
Make public EXPOSE
Answer to “How can I tell if he loves me so?” in “The Shoop Shoop Song” ITSINHISKISS
Uno + siete OCHO
Meeting, informally SESH
Bright tones NEONS
Major complaint BEEF
Great Lake home to Pelee Island ERIE
Distribute ALLOT
Medieval laborer SERF
Becomes firm SETS
___ days (successful period in the past) GLORY


What A stands for in poker ACE
Cul-de-___ SAC
Indigenous gender identity TWOSPIRIT
Temporary car RENTAL
Yucky smells ODORS
Mend with stitches DARN
Video diary VLOG
Lack confidence in DOUBT
More steamy SEXIER
Headpiece that might have grapes FRUITHAT
Merits EARNS
Bite-sized MINI
Magazine inserts ADS
The Daily ___ (Midwestern newspaper) IOWAN
Horse-shaped chess piece KNIGHT
Environment-friendly prefix ECO
Not at all quiet LOUD
Movie star Kurylenko OLGA
Some noblemen EARLS
Undercap wearer HIJABI
“In ___ of gifts . . .” LIEU
Showcase for a keyboardist PIANOSOLO
Suddenly changes course VEERSOFF
Language whose alphabet starts with alpha, beta, gamma GREEK
Minor complaints NITS
Fish eggs ROE
Gets the suds out of RINSES
Persuade to buy add-ons UPSELL
One or the ___ OTHER
“Well, hello ___!” THERE
Deg ___ (one of Alaska’s official languages) XINAG
Slushie brand ICEE
“What time ___?” ISIT
“___ All Fat: A Fat Positive Podcast” SHES
Some birth team members, for short OBS
Neither’s partner NOR
Muddy pen on a farm STY
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