USA Today Crossword Answers May 13, 2022

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Author: by Kate Chin Park


Florida city on a bay TAMPA
Ele Opeloge’s home country SAMOA
Letters before an alias AKA
Command ORDER
Clickable symbols ICONS
Participated in a race RAN
“Take your attitude and shove it” KISSMYGRITS
Chinese zodiac rodent RAT
Tennis period since 1968 OPENERA
Short cuts BOBS
Iran’s former name PERSIA
“Questions welcome!” ASKAWAY
Word after “tech” or “frat” BRO
Drive-___ window THRU
Collection of things to be assembled KIT
Warriors forward Toscano-Anderson JUAN
Treetop home NEST
“omg hilarious” LMAO
Raise a glass, say PROPOSEATOAST
Recipe amts. TSPS
The Sanderson Sisters, e.g. TRIO
Quibbles that are “picked” NITS
Class for some new U.S. citizens ESL
Food served in a trough SLOP
Ctrl+Alt+___ DEL
Crushing hard SMITTEN
Place to buy fresh loaves BAKERY
Egg layers HENS
Spa offering MASSAGE
Bouncers check them IDS
Making circular skid marks at an Oakland sideshow, say DOINGDONUTS
Big tub VAT
Not illuminated UNLIT
Salsa or foxtrot DANCE
Pie ___ mode ALA
No. 2 (Abbr.) ASST
“Yuri on Ice,” e.g. ANIME


“TiK ___” (Kesha hit) TOK
Pop star Grande, to fans ARI
Docs’ degrees MDS
Mexican currency PESOS
Place for deodorant ARMPIT
Land area unit ACRE
Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine spokeswoman Rose MOIRA
Working diligently ONTASK
Braying beast ASS
Pointy symbol ARROW
Most sacred site in Islam KAABA
Fidgety ANTSY
“Mm . . . that’s not happening” YEAHNO
Character never seen in the same room as Bruce Wayne BATMAN
Sweet and savory sandwich PBJ
Go off ERUPT
Imitates a lion ROARS
Unit of weight, for short KILO
Take a breather REST
Instruction manual readers USERS
Rule for some apartments NOPETS
An ape doesn’t have one TAIL
“All jokes ___ . . .” ASIDE
Playful aquatic mammal OTTER
“Hey! Over here!” PSST
“That’s unfortunate” TOOBAD
Foxlike SLY
Tart yellow fruits LEMONS
Tiered tower PAGODA
“The Destroyer,” in Hinduism SHIVA
Place first, second or third at the Olympics MEDAL
“The gram” INSTA
Mani-pedi targets NAILS
“SNL” star Thompson KENAN
Foul mood SNIT
Rank above Cpl. SGT
Singer ___ Lipa DUA
Prefix meaning “one” UNI
Channel with old movies TCM
“What did I tell you?” SEE
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