USA Today Crossword Answers May 21, 2022

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Author: by Matthew Stock


School of Management degree (Abbr.) MBA
Hyphenlike punctuation DASH
___ up (make more stylish) SPIFF
Each and every ALL
Poker stake ANTE
The “Duke of Bootleg” in “Zootopia,” e.g. WEASEL
Trafficky time to drive RUSHHOUR
Bistro or cafe EATERY
City home to Jogyesa Temple SEOUL
Number of Olympic gold medals for Tamika Catchings FOUR
X, on a watch TEN
“Mamma ___!” MIA
DNA sequence GENE
New York neighborhood also called “El Barrio” SPANISHHARLEM
Gets 100% on ACES
Something to play with TOY
Neglect IGNORE
___/they pronouns SHE
Evening meals DINNERS
Word after “sports” or “nursing” BRA
Partner of pestle MORTAR
Prefix meaning “three” TRI
The MCAT is one TEST
Puerto ___ RICO
Insincere, in a way GLIB
Mario Party 8 console WII
Long-horned wild goat IBEX
Peak athletic performance AGAME
Painter’s surface CANVAS
Chart-topper SMASHHIT
A tilde is one ACCENT
Have a chat TALK
Big jerk ASS
Browned bread TOAST
Vietnam’s continent ASIA
Frosted over ICY


The Red Planet MARS
Color of sapphire BLUE
“What’s more . . .” ALSO
Flower used in Oaxacan cuisine DAHLIA
“Feliz ___ novo!” ANO
Double ___ Oreos STUF
Brave protagonist HERO
Marine habitat SEA
Argyle or paisley PATTERN
“That makes sense” ISEE
Spore-producing houseplant FERN
Take to the skies FLY
“Come work with us!” WEREHIRING
Some camels have two HUMPS
“What a drag!” UGH
“How to Be an ___” (2019 bestseller) ANTIRACIST
Pesters NAGS
Prophetic people SEERS
H+ or Cl- ION
EDM instrument, often SYNTH
Part of the ear or brain LOBE
Messes up ERRS
What a Beyond Burger lacks MEAT
Tingle-inducing video genre (Abbr.) ASMR
Shoe designer Jimmy CHOO
Yogurt in lassi DAHI
Historical period ERA
Prospers THRIVES
Upper leg THIGH
Cry and cry SOB
State in which “Molly of Denali” is set ALASKA
Religion represented by a nine-pointed star BAHAI
Baylor University’s home WACO
People of ancient Cuzco INCA
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
12/25 holiday XMAS
“Other” category, for short MISC
Craft sellers’ website ETSY
Animal inhabited by Joe Gardner in “Soul” CAT
Marching bug ANT
Actress Tatyana ALI
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