USA Today Crossword Answers November 13, 2023

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Author: by Matthew Stock


River blockers DAMS
Word after “parking” or “soft” SPOT
Credit alternative DEBIT
Very similar ALOTALIKE
Overact EMOTE
Financial limit for a sports team SALARYCAP
Health professional who might work at a school NURSE
“Play the music!” HITIT
Go for a ___ (take a casual drive) SPIN
Nickname that omits -antha SAM
Wedding words exchanged before breaking a glass IDOS
___ of tricks BAG
Raced on foot RAN
Month before Sept. AUG
Lowly worker STOOGE
Month before May APRIL
Cantina dip that’s prepared in front of you, for short TABLESIDEGUAC
Ten cents, for a dime VALUE
Deceptive schemes HOAXES
“Let me give it a shot” ILLTRY
“White ___ Can’t Jump” MEN
Newspaper desk leads, for short EDS
Small fantasy creature ELF
Round tent YURT
Herb inside a toy fish, perhaps CATNIP
Apex TOP
“But wait! There’s ___!” MORE
Swampy habitat MARSH
2024 Olympics host city PARIS
Championship event TITLEGAME
“___ and you’ll miss it!” BLINK
Natural sweetener CANESUGAR
Small pier JETTY
Streaming annoyance LAG
Brazilian soccer legend PELE


One of Santa’s reindeer DASHER
“American Idol” alum Lauren ALAINA
Like lava or the inside of lava cake MOLTEN
Escalator part STAIR
Cunning SLY
Images, for short PICS
African grazer with striped legs OKAPI
Warmish TEPID
Room for many couch naps DEN
Flightless Australian birds EMUS
French Polynesian island with a repeating name BORABORA
“How I did that trick will remain a mystery” ITSMAGIC
Golfer’s prop TEE
Place with paintings on display, perhaps ARTGALLERY
Negative answers NOS
___ log YULE
Performers’ aliases STAGENAMES
Long-lasting manicure option GEL
Spew forth GUSH
Magnum ___ OPUS
Be adjacent to ABUT
Brazilian city, for short RIO
Cheese in a red wax rind EDAM
Exaggerated story TALLTALE
“100 percent behind you” ALLFORIT
Business bigwig, for short EXEC
Compete VIE
“Delish!” YUM
Make angry ENRAGE
Pretty bleak DISMAL
Round 3D figure SPHERE
Campus cadets’ org. ROTC
“Try-before-you-pay” period TRIAL
Get ready to score on a sacrifice fly TAGUP
Ice cream tub size PINT
Mount ___ (Italian volcano) ETNA
Simple sandwich (Abbr.) PBJ
Chicago WNBA squad SKY
One of three on a tripod LEG
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