USA Today Crossword Answers November 16, 2021

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Author: by Erik Agard


___ Berry, actress with roles found at the starts of three answers in this puzzle HALLE
TV program SHOW
Flow’s counterpart EBB
Place to bowl ALLEY
Place to sweat SAUNA
Prefix for “pronouns” NEO
Shade of gray SLATE
Hive leaders QUEENBEES
Bit of awards recognition, for short NOM
Small earring STUD
Sounds of laughter SNORTS
Past-tense ’tis TWAS
Wet forecast RAIN
A 90-degree one is “right” ANGLE
Australian birds EMUS
SAT alternative ACT
“Can I help you?” YES
People who pursue severe weather STORMCHASERS
Post-hatching, pre-adult insects LARVAE
Lord Kitchener’s music CALYPSO
A single time ONCE
Make mad RILE
“Nope” UHUH
Awareness-raising ad PSA
Escaped FLED
Scold harshly BERATE
Oklahoma-to-Arkansas direction EAST
“___ Death Misses Death” (Salena Godden novel) MRS
Bawl CRY
Phrase that might send someone to the vending machine JINXBUYMEACOKE
Newsletter medium EMAIL
Section PART
Animal’s nail CLAW
Step between “lather” and “repeat” RINSE
Crispy portion of a brownie EDGE
Shortened word in some school names TECH
Bantu ___ (hairstyle) KNOTS
Property document DEED
Not outgoing SHY


“It ___ been easy” HASNT
Permit ALLOW
Animal that starts with a double letter LLAMA
Permit LET
“Their ___ Were Watching God” EYES
___ Arabia SAUDI
Color HUE
Dollar bills ONES
“Would you like to give it a go?” WANNATRY
Insect with a stag variety BEETLE
Office higher-ups BOSSES
Food with a butternut variety SQUASH
“___ appetit!” BON
Agreement to stop fighting TRUCE
Opening tennis shot SERVE
Nose-related NASAL
Sport for Jackie Justice in “Bruised” MMA
Very admired CELEBRATED
Swine’s supper SLOP
Pale brown shades TANS
Sea creature with no natural predators ORCA
___-of-the-moment SPUR
Mary Mary song SHACKLES
Some community work OUTREACH
Entered again via keyboard RETYPED
“Sup” HEY
Tales with morals FABLES
Baton Rouge school LSU
Top-left computer key ESC
Be a thing EXIST
Consolidate MERGE
___ chicken JERK
“Sounds great!” IMIN
Prefix smaller than “micro-“ NANO
Created MADE
Halloween mo. OCT
“What was the reason?” WHY
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