USA Today Crossword Answers November 17, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Reduce in intensity ABATE
Channel with old films TCM
Guided walkthroughs TOURS
Make a basket or a goal SCORE
Archaeologist’s scraping tool HOE
Tunes for customer support callers MUSICONHOLD
Insect fond of sugary liquids ANT
“Let’s move ___ the next slide” ONTO
Jenny Zhang, for example POET
Nostalgic Stevie Wonder hit IWISH
Poli-___ major SCI
“Oh, also . . .” in texts BTW
Tattoo shop PARLOR
Nerve-wracking TENSE
Toy on a string YOYO
Ivy League school in Connecticut YALE
Light rail unit CAR
Deprive ROB
French word before a birth name NEE
Present-day setting MODERNWORLD
___ up to the plate STEP
“About the Author” bit BIO
“Sure thing!” YES
Refine HONE
Being broadcast via small screen ONTV
Glass artist Chihuly DALE
More than “-er” EST
Reddit volunteer, for short MOD
Like some miso soup INSTANT
“That’s enough!” STOPIT
Make some gimbap, for example COOK
Miracle-___ Garden Feeder GRO
Unlike rabbits, they’re born with their eyes open HARES
Malayalam cinema MOLLYWOOD
“___ Zero” (manga) EDENS
Berry high in fat ACAI
“Hello,” in Spanish HOLA
“___, Papa, and Me” (children’s book) DADDY
Runway stance POSE
Nothing more than ONLY


No more than ATMOST
Big Easy music BOUNCE
Capital of Texas AUSTIN
Group such as Sugababes TRIO
“Exit full screen” key ESC
Heating pad target ACHE
Burglar’s haul LOOT is one URL
Radio, newspapers, etc. MEDIA
Bangkok’s country THAILAND
Give comfort to CONSOLE
“I’m just like you two!” METHREE
Like Palisades Tahoe in winter SNOWY
Make a pick OPT
Dryly funny WRY
Rosary part BEAD
Big Easy sandwich POBOY
Suffix for “stetho” SCOPE
“. . . but maybe I’m wrong” ORNOT
“That hurts!” YOW
Deal with a computer crash REBOOT
Given professional guidance MENTORED
Crown melon’s exterior RIND
Sunset sight REDSKY
Future attorney’s exam LSAT
Alliterative backyard building SHESHED
Chalupa alternative TOSTADA
Instruments smaller than cellos VIOLAS
Water inside an atoll LAGOON
Sign up for a class ENROLL
Swimming great Franklin MISSY
“I’m telling the truth!” NOLIE
“Hurry up!” TODAY
Surfer Ho COCO
State park graphic MAP
“___ cares?” WHO
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