USA Today Crossword Answers November 19, 2021

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Author: by Hannah Slovut


Filters through a strainer SIFTS
Closest pal BFF
Sandwich with tzatziki GYRO
“Rise and shine!” WAKEUP
___ carte menu ALA
Earring type HOOP
Shaping service at a salon EYEBROWWAX
Remove from power OUST
Airport screening org. TSA
“Rome wasn’t ___ in a day” BUILT
First word of “Girl on Fire” SHES
Assignment TASK
Upping the ___ ANTE
Boundary you won’t compromise on LINEINTHESAND
Add-on costs FEES
Absolute must NEED
Quintana ___, Mexico ROO
Some parents MOMS
Lineup of first-string players ATEAM
Uses a ” ” sign ADDS
Moody music genre EMO
Battery fluid ACID
Sleeve fillers ARMS
Basmati, for example LONGGRAINRICE
TV show with Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina Cohen-Chang GLEE
Rowing equipment OARS
Sport with horses POLO
Dish similar to sofkee GRITS
Sheep’s sound BAA
Pick from a deck of cards DRAW
Something a character might break FOURTHWALL
Disturb FAZE
“So?” AND
“Hello” singer Richie LIONEL
Toboggan, for example SLED
Pollinating insect BEE
Fencing swords EPEES


Utters SAYS
Furniture company founded in Sweden IKEA
Black History Mo. FEB
Partner in marriage SPOUSE
Like soda that’s been sitting out for too long FLAT
Document transmission method FAX
Specters GHOSTS
“I’m not going to say it again” YOUHEARDME
Flower with a thorny stem ROSE
Decides OPTS
Rainy WET
Collaboratively edited reference site WIKI
Formal neckwear TIES
“Excuse me . . .” AHEM
Title character with a “Declassified School Survival Guide” NED
Citrusy dessert topping LEMONGLAZE
Africanfuturist author Okorafor NNEDI
Beverage in a kettle TEA
Agrees without words NODS
___ and don’ts DOS
The feeling that other people are having fun without you FOMO
Golfer Reid MEL
Land size unit ACRE
Aunt, in Spanish TIA
Story progressions ARCS
Get older AGE
Blimp, for example AIRSHIP
Crime film genre NOIR
Baby’s noisemaker RATTLE
JSTOR downloads PDFS
Exam type ORAL
No longer there GONE
Disrespectful RUDE
“It’s the ___ of my existence” BANE
Brewery products ALES
Everything ALL
Awesome FAB
“___ is me!” WOE
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