USA Today Crossword Answers November 22, 2021

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Author: by Aaron Paulsen %26 Brooke Husic


___ yoga (spiritual path of action) KARMA
High-pitched bark YIP
Framework in classical Indian music RAGA
Highest poker card ACE
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
Fortuneteller’s 20-Across TAROT
Divider on a sepak takraw court NET
Tool for Dutch canal jumping POLE
Pack of cards DECK
Outer boundaries EDGES
“Same with me” SOAMI
Number between cero and dos UNO
“I absolutely do not want that” HARDPASS
No more than UPTO
Cokes and Ramunes SODAS
Seek legal damages SUE
Off the ___ (unreachable) GRID
Category for iron and Iron Maiden METAL
Mini-golf standard PAR
Light hair color BLOND
Word before “duckling” or “cry” UGLY
Succulent that’s toxic to cats JADEPLANT
Kewpie condiment MAYO
Undefeated boxer Laila ALI
Elaborate trick RUSE
Simple lie FIB
Performance with divas OPERA
Country where the Camino de Santiago ends SPAIN
“Yeah, right!” ASIF
___ out (distribute) DOLE
Competition CONTEST
City in Israel TELAVIV
What tree rings signify AGE
Vietnamese soup PHO
2019’s “The Lion King,” e.g. REMAKE
Hair accessory for JoJo Siwa BOW
Perfect score at a drag ball TEN
Spots in the sea ISLES


Genre for EXO and BTS KPOP
In addition ALSO
Actual REAL
Turns a short outing into a dawn-to-dusk adventure MAKESADAYOFIT
Math genius Lovelace ADA
“Thank god!” in Spanish GRACIASADIOS
Bird with an elaborate song LARK
Self-importance EGO
Ingested EATEN
Bowen who played an iceberg on “SNL” YANG
Frozen drink with a spoon straw ICEE
Animals in family photos PETS
Seasonal worker TEMP
Parenting pair DADS
“Hitchhiker’s Guide” author DOUGLASADAMS
Taken by mouth ORAL
Put to work USE
___ contested HOTLY
100% certain SURE
Susceptible PRONE
Shade of color TINT
Strange ODD
Dreamcast maker SEGA
Quiet MUM
Friend PAL
Hazy image BLUR
The “one” in a one-two punch JAB
Like better PREFER
Unskilled INEPT
Orchestra’s spot PIT
Strikebreaker SCAB
___ stick (toy for bouncing) POGO
Once again ANEW
Lots and lots ATON
Shape of a cricket field OVAL
Thumbs-up button LIKE
Nights before holidays EVES
“___ Used To Be Mine” (“Waitress” song) SHE
Botanical necklace LEI
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