USA Today Crossword Answers November 24, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Barbecue rods SPITS
“Well said!” AMEN
Drop from an eye TEAR
Close pal HOMIE
Folk legends LORE
Like some Christmas sweaters UGLY
Rhyming description for some healthy foods HEARTSMART
Skipping ___ ROPE
Fight ___ good fight THE
Its smell scares a mouse CAT
Hopes to get WANTS
Org. with a farm loan program USDA
“I ___ you an explanation” OWE
Pointer or poodle DOG
Bit of light picked up by night-vision goggles INFRAREDRAY
Sorrowful poem ELEGY
Read a forum without posting LURK
Skin opening PORE
Othar Turner’s instrument FIFE
Thin coins DIMES
Kitchen or attic ROOM
Rounded shape OVAL
Privy to INON
Grace under pressure POISE
Prize won by Nicole Fleetwood in 2021 GENIUSGRANT
Big ___ (London attraction) BEN
Rebellion leader Turner NAT
City home to the Norsk Folkemuseum OSLO
Sailing ATSEA
Performs like Amorphous DJS
___ buco OSSO
The Pointer Sisters, for example TRIO
Bed alternative SPRAYONTAN
Fly off the shelves SELL
Croaker with bumpy skin TOAD
“Little Fires Everywhere” star Witherspoon REESE
Veggie with a curly variety KALE
Boundary line EDGE
Pasture growth GRASS


“Keep it down!” SHH
Sarah Kay, for example POET
“Really love your work!” IMAHUGEFAN
Car quartet TIRES
Full collection SET
Painter Thomas ALMA
Castle security trench MOAT
___ on the side of caution ERR
Socializes professionally NETWORKS
Went to the big leagues TURNEDPRO
Award quartet for Liza Minnelli EGOT
Mont Blanc’s mountain range ALPS
Reuben bread RYE
Look over quickly SCAN
Impress greatly AWE
Craft kit letters DIY
Remove condensation from DEFOG
Antipasto morsel OLIVE
Brief relationship FLING
Grapevine tidbit RUMOR
Entertainment & Sports ___ (D.C. venue) ARENA
Red herbal drink ROOIBOSTEA
Came up AROSE
Republic on the Gulf of Aden YEMEN
Squishy shoe insert GELINSOLE
Tina Thompson scored 7,488 in the WNBA (Abbr.) PTS
Burj Al Arab’s country UAE
Overly inquisitive NOSY
Solitary sort LONER
Square footage AREA
Fake it ___ you make it TILL
Wet blanket DRAG
Stone in many facial rollers JADE
Talk back to SASS
Change for a five ONES
Shaming syllable TSK
Group of whales POD
www.wildaid.___ ORG
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