USA Today Crossword Answers October 08, 2021

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Author: by Claire Rimkus


___-limits OFF
Worn-down crayons, e.g. NUBS
Misjudges a push door PULLS
"True Detective" star Mahershala ALI
Shrek is one OGRE
Arrange in a row LINEUP
Many a late-night program TALKSHOW
Color of carrot ginger soup ORANGE
Shelled out SPENT
The "Dark Star" trilogy, for example SAGA
Name located within this clue TED
In need of a nap TIRED
Medieval Japanese assassin NINJA
Sci-fi devices TIMEMACHINES
Coquito liquor RUM
Vehicle with a chauffeur LIMO
Olympic gymnast Moreno ALEXA
Red panda’s continent ASIA
Animated characters, for short TOONS
Part of a lemur or a comet TAIL
Pages on restaurant websites MENUS
Genre for Mumu Fresh SOUL
Path on a GPS (Abbr.) RTE
Button that gives a sneak peek of a hard copy PRINTPREVIEW
Like old donuts STALE
Room often used for storage ATTIC
Disapproving sound TSK
Cherry cola, for example SODA
Comes to an end STOPS
Skyscraper measurement HEIGHT
Local government building TOWNHALL
Says yes AGREES
Cookie with a Cherry Cola variety OREO
Simple shirt TEE
Lightbulb units WATTS
Be introduced to MEET
Feeling blue SAD


Granola pieces OATS
Tent opening FLAP
___ mignon FILET
Opening next to the septum NOSTRIL
"That’s so gross!" UGH
Dude BRO
Hems some pants, for example SEWS
Toothy Amazon fish PIRANHA
___ vez mas (once more) UNA
Listened sympathetically LENTANEAR
Winter racing sport LUGE
Zipped along SPED
Valid reasoning LOGIC
Cable-___ sweater KNIT
Jewelry designer Khouri ANA
Radiate, like light EMIT
Presentation at an expo DEMO
Suddenly reject JILT
Mammal that becomes a bird if you change its first letter MOOSE
Word above an emergency door EXIT
Markdown event SALE
Way into a house RAMP
Instruction manual reader USER
Short fashion choice MINISKIRT
One who might dote on a nibling AUNT
___ Scotia NOVA
Outfit for a bride SUIT
Squirrels away STASHES
"How about no" LETSNOT
Does some scheming PLOTS
Firetruck color RED
"___ friends like these . . ." WITH
Layers of paint COATS
Defrost THAW
Sonic the Hedgehog company SEGA
Tiny particle that can form a bond ATOM
Earnest request PLEA
Snow tube alternative SLED
Acquire GET
Mined material ORE
Teensy WEE
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