USA Today Crossword Answers October 10, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Segments of an opera ACTS
"Hey, over here!" hiss PSST
Utter disarray CHAOS
"I’ll take your offer!" DEAL
Renaissance faire instrument LUTE
Hartford-based insurer AETNA
Baja’s opposite ALTA
"Transamerican Love Story" host Mapa ALEC
___ parking VALET
Daenerys Targaryen feature PLATINUMHAIR
No longer feral TAMED
Sent junk email to SPAMMED
___ Lankan SRI
At the very end LAST
Tire features TREADS
Confer as a gift BESTOW
"Will do!" ONIT
Treat with yellow flesh GOLDKIWIFRUIT
Hotel-to-airport car TAXI
Second showing REPEAT
Contract negotiators AGENTS
Consider to be DEEM
___-mo SLO
Music streaming service PANDORA
Walked nervously PACED
Nickname for Delaware DIAMONDSTATE
Part of a flower PETAL
Heartfelt request PLEA
Freedom House Ambulance Service workers EMTS
Speak from a podium, perhaps ORATE
Was dishonest LIED
Large primates APES
Like prunes DRIED
Comes to a close ENDS
"Monsoon Wedding" director Nair MIRA


Changes with the times ADAPTS
Place to store root veggies CELLAR
Mat at a judo dojo TATAMI
Roofing material SLATE
Course of action PLAN
John Cho’s "Star Trek" character SULU
Part of a flower STEM
Nail ___ (salon workers) TECHS
Salted topping for blini CAVIAR
"I know how it sounds, but listen . . ." HEARMEOUT
City where Gladys Knight was born (Abbr.) ATL
"Am I the only ___ . . ." ONE
Used a meditation cushion SAT
Spent time doing nothing IDLED
Like the name Mike for an MC APT
___-pedi MANI
Revise EDIT
Crimson-and-cream sorority, for short DST
"Let me ___ you this . . ." ASK
Mix with chopsticks STIR
Hauled to the body shop TOWED
Matchmaker’s arrangement BLINDDATE
Use a napkin on WIPE
Lady who starred in "A Star Is Born" GAGA
Cart-pulling bovines OXEN
Broker’s charge FEE
Parking garage features RAMPS
Verb that rhymes with "app" TAP
Worked really hard TOILED
Mrs., in Spanish SRA
Garlicky shrimp entree SCAMPI
Bit of mail LETTER
Texas city named after a Black Sea port ODESSA
More than enough AMPLE
First-string lineup ATEAM
"Chocolat" actress Lena OLIN
Have to have NEED
Some Little League spectators DADS
Carob unit POD
Slip up ERR
___ chi sword TAI
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