USA Today Crossword Answers October 16, 2021

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Author: by Jess Goldstein


“I cracked the code!” AHA
Messages on Insta DMS
Fully horizontal FLAT
Arabian Peninsula country OMAN
“C’mon, what are you waiting for?” DOIT
Rapper ___ Nasty RICO
“Biked” or “swum,” grammatically PASTPARTICIPLE
Hair goop GEL
Group featured on Taylor Swift’s “no body, no crime” HAIM
Decay ROT
Sound of a puppy’s bark ARF
“Reach Out (___ Be There)” ILL
Bamboozled FOOLED
Prince’s estate PAISLEYPARK
State east of Oregon (Abbr.) IDA
Chilly COLD
Whichever ANY
Pal of Troy on “Community” ABED
Personal heroes IDOLS
Code-carrying strands DNA
Lefts, rights and uies TURNS
“See ya!” CIAO
Fish with an Atlantic species COD
Constellation hidden in “positively radiant” LYRA
Hosp. areas ERS
One might involve a pillow fight PAJAMAPARTY
Substitute route DETOUR
Congressional affirmative AYE
Anagram and synonym of 48-Across YEA
Direct-to-consumer farm model (Abbr.) CSA
Double ___ Oreos STUF
Relatives, for short FAM
Pakistan’s national language URDU
Great Lake near Detroit ERIE
Signals on stage CUES
Equipment GEAR
Trip across a pool LAP
Short music releases EPS


Italian tourist destination AMALFICOAST
Owns HAS
Piles of soil formed by colonies ANTHILLS
College building with bunk beds DORM
School near Harvard MIT
Prepare like jeyuk bokkeum STIRFRY
2021 ___-Lay strike FRITO
Part of the face LIP
Part of the knee ACL
Part of the foot TOE
Production with arias OPERA
Multivitamin frequency DAILY
Got whiter PALED
Do some 6-Down-ing, e.g. COOK
Space between two things GAP
Borrowing fines declared “a form of social inequity” by the ALA in 2019 LIBRARYFEES
Biblical garden EDEN
Family members associated with corny jokes DADS
Alone SOLO
Bamboo-loving bear PANDA
Santa ___, California ANA
Colorful glow AURA
Frosted ICED
Dreadful DIRE
The AG leads it DOJ
Lettering design TYPEFACE
Salted ___ ice cream CARAMEL
Close-range basketball shot LAYUP
Pull’s opposite PUSH
Lipstick variety that lacks shine MATTE
Etor ingredient YAM
Happen OCCUR
Little cut SNIP
Flat-faced dog PUG
“___ we there yet?” ARE
Nutrition fig. RDA
Time period ERA
Baby shark PUP
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