USA Today Crossword Answers October 17, 2021

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Long vehicles LIMOS
Class with derivatives, for short CALC
College applicant’s stat GPA
Menzel who played Elphaba in “Wicked” IDINA
Like the climate in western Rajasthan ARID
Rise dramatically SOAR
Singer with the record label PureSprings Gospel CECEWINANS
UFC fighter Holly HOLM
Oregon-to-Idaho direction EAST
Spot for an earring LOBE
Youku upload VIDEO
UFC fighter’s quest TITLE
Container at an open bar TIPJAR
Common first word for a baby MAMA
Hybrid golf garment SKORT
Cheer at a Colo-Colo game OLE
Discussion groups PANELS
Region AREA
Place for a nap BED
Again ___ again AND
Alternatives to tinted moisturizers CCCREAMS
Not as much LESS
Strong investment bond rating AAA
Ate differently DIETED
Entices TEMPTS
Easy to deceive NAIVE
Bejeweled headpiece TIARA
Fish used to catch striped bass EEL
Stumble TRIP
Anti-chapping product LIPBALM
One given special access, perhaps VIP
Sci-fi author Palmer ADA
Nest egg initials IRA
Blues song first recorded by Ma Rainey SEESEERIDER
“___ Miz” LES
Slip-up ERROR
Shot put or discus throw EVENT
Golf hole distance units (Abbr.) YDS
Budae-jjigae and nikujaga, e.g. STEWS
Unwelcome animals PESTS


Scalp parasites LICE
Creative thought IDEA
Props for emcees MICSTANDS
Less than twice, more than never ONETIME
Toothed cutting tool SAW
Boats with paddles CANOES
Post office hassle LINE
Music holders in cases CDS
“Nice work!” GOODJOB
Rhyming drink PALEALE
___ car (transporter of valuables) ARMORED
Space vessel SHIP
“___ keep you in my prayers!” ILL
B3 or B12, for example VITAMIN
Softest mineral on Earth TALC
Tire pattern TREAD
Filly’s hair MANE
Ariel Torres’ martial art KARATE
Contents of a minecart ORE
Person to hang out with PAL
Fraud warning SCAMALERT
Put a limit on CAP
Musical chairs goal SEAT
Wild guess STAB
Bitter rants TIRADES
Plain to see EVIDENT
Hits the road DEPARTS
Removes from the whiteboard ERASES
Breaks off SEVERS
Ready for a nap TIRED
“Skip me” IPASS
Two Truths and a ___ LIE
Pond flower LILY
___ mortals (regular people) MERE
Word following “meal” or “test” PREP
Plant some seeds SOW
“So ___ heard!” IVE
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