USA Today Crossword Answers September 16, 2020

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Chess or xiangqi GAME
Spur on IMPEL
Eight’s cube root TWO
For each one APOP
Largest city in the Middle East CAIRO
Shape of some earrings HOOP
“Stop dreaming!” LETSBEREAL
Bronte’s Jane EYRE
Wood stove refuse ASH
Gives off EMITS
Animal that moves on two limbs BIPED
___-faced (expressionless) STONY
1993 Mariah Carey hit HERO
Sculpture garden figure STATUE
___-eyed (innocent-looking) DOE
Surgical areas, for short ORS
Made from fleece WOOLEN
Cleaned, in a way MOPPEDUP
Hilarious sort RIOT
Far from verbose TERSE
“Not to mention . . .” ALSO
Standout athletes ALLSTARS
Withdraw financial involvement DIVEST
“She Can STEM” ad, e.g. PSA
Bounce house filler AIR
In this manner LIKESO
Parade spoiler RAIN
Campus heads DEANS
Comments section annoyance TROLL
Fashion mag since 1886 COSMO
“It ___ fun while it lasted” WAS
Volunteer for more REUP
Chitchat in bed PILLOWTALK
Places to stay INNS
Had leftovers, perhaps ATEIN
It starts when the curtain goes up ACTI
Edamame casing POD
___ up (became informed) WISED
Sticky substance GOOP


Apple variety GALA
Tailless primates APES
Insect near a flame MOTH
Short musical releases EPS
Bottled water brand ICEMOUNTAIN
___ biologist MARINE
“Classic of Filial ___” (Confucian treatise) PIETY
Geologic periods ERAS
“ur so funny!” LOL
Lap dogs with curly coats TOYPOODLES
Sported WORE
Pundit’s piece OPED
Inheritance recipient HEIR
“The L Word” role for Jennifer Beals BETTE
Voicemail signal BEEP
Seasons, in a way SALTS
Large and supposedly cursed gem HOPEDIAMOND
Bagfuls at garden centers SOILS
Drive aimlessly TOOLAROUND
Cuatro’s square root DOS
Singer-songwriter Cailin RUSSO
Word after “tight” or “hot” SPOT
Bundle up WRAP
Sra. counterpart MRS
Roof overhangs EAVES
Drop the ball ERR
Mermaid’s feature TAIL
“That’s no surprise” IKNOW
“Roots” actress Uggams LESLIE
Matterhorn’s range ALPS
___ out (distributes) DOLES
Vacation TRIP
Nevada Museum of Art city RENO
BofA competitor CITI
Home of Baylor University WACO
Chorus voice ALTO
Pass up SKIP
Tabby’s foot PAW
Price place TAG
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