USA Today Crossword Answers September 22, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Some plays have five ACTS
Alliance since 1949 NATO
BTS or Black Panther BAND
Castle-shaped chess piece ROOK
Being broadcast ONAIR
Slender woodwind OBOE
Who Grey says “thank you” to MAMA
Good thing to support NOBLECAUSE
Christ the Redeemer is one STATUE
Supported ASSISTED
Central beliefs TENETS
Doc who treats sinusitis ENT
Bay Area airport code SFO
What teachers do EDUCATE
The minimum one for Medicare is 65 AGE
Currency in Spain and Lithuania EURO
Gait for a pony TROT
“General Hospital” actress West MAURA
“Still a go for tomorrow?” AREWEON
Appliance with glowing coils TOASTER
“Sweetheart . . .” MYDEAR
Most-liked, for short FAV
Werewolf’s wail HOWL
Soft boot leather SUEDE
Happily ___ after EVER
Chinese surname meaning “forest” LIN
Key lime dessert PIE
Take offense at RESENT
Dogs, hogs and frogs ANIMALS
Away from the office OUT
___ capita PER
Acrobat catchers SAFETYNETS
Remove the rind from PARE
The “I” in IUD INTRA
City between Cleveland and Buffalo ERIE
Superstar soprano DIVA
All ___ up (nervously excited) KEYED
A century has 100 (Abbr.) YRS
Guitar neck part FRET


Most starfish have five ARMS
Lacquer layer COAT
Color similar to scarlet TOMATORED
Hit the rink SKATE
“This email doesn’t require a response” NONEEDTOREPLY
Pitch ___-hitter ANO
Hot sauce brand TABASCO
Liquids used for tempura OILS
Talk a big game BOAST
Border on ABUT
Septum’s place NOSE
Landowner’s document DEED
Stopwatch button RESET
Film as an art form CINEMA
French for “a” UNE
Hang a left or a right TURN
Stitched line SEAM
Intense anger FURY
Roti flour ATTA
Mechanic’s field AUTOREPAIR
Ballooned GREW
The James ___ Jones Theatre EARL
Needs to repay OWES
“In order to rise from its own ___ a phoenix first must burn” (Butler) ASHES
___ de toilette EAU
Reason for muscle aches OVERUSE
Entry cost FEE
“Cruella” studio DISNEY
Doc for dogs VET
Vision correction surgery LASIK
Utterly ridiculous INANE
Pretty cool NIFTY
“You’ve got a lot of ___!” NERVE
Pay for everyone TREAT
More than a ___ coincidence MERE
Slightly ATAD
Soul legend Redding OTIS
___ on the side of caution ERR
File type for a scanned document PDF
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