USA Today Crossword Answers September 24, 2022

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Author: by Erik Agard


“The Trans ___” (2016 documentary) LIST
Looked at EYED
Follows a dentist’s instruction SPITS
Notion IDEA
Nothing to write home about SOSO
“That ___ to do it” OUGHT
Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation QUEENQUET
___ and fauna FLORA
What British people call college UNI
“Shoo!” OUT
Become very good at MASTER
Place that sounds like 21-Across’ opposite INN
What septic tanks treat SEWAGE
Coup d’___ ETAT
Shih Tzus, for example DOGS
Instrument originally called an hautbois OBOE
Line on a check DATE
Summer time zone in Beijing CST
Burst ___ the scene ONTO
H.S. diploma equivalent GED
“Hey, lemme ask you something . . .” QUICKQUESTION
Total SUM
Decisive defeat ROUT
School in L.A. USC
Paired percussion instrument TABLA
“My turn” IMUP
“The ___ has fallen in love with the princess!” (line from “Shrek”) OGRE
Item in an archer’s quiver ARROW
School of Buddhism ZEN
Look of contempt SNEER
“How ___ Got Her Groove Back” STELLA
“Ugh, gross” ICK
Name that’s the same forward and backward AVA
Sledding location HILL
Spanish for “What do you want?” QUEQUIERES
Name that’s the same forward and backward ELLE
Not called for UNDUE
Label for some honey PURE
Out of charge DEAD
Performed in character ACTED
Went fast SPED


*shrug* IDUNNO
Envisioning SEEING
___ kwon do TAE
Suffix similar to “-ish” ESQUE
“The both of y’all” YOUTWO
Suffix similar to “-ish” ESE
Laser pointer’s creation DOT
“Plastic Off the ___” (Beyonce song) SOFA
Throbbed PULSED
“Can’t stay, sorry!” IGOTTAGO
“Don’t ___ me with a good time” THREATEN
Got underway STARTED
Rejections NOS
Gets together MEETSUP
Bio heading ABOUTME
Not here anymore GONE
___-fi SCI
Write illegibly SCRAWL
Early end to a boxing match TKO
Extra periods, for short OTS
One of four parts of a data set QUARTILE
Item brought to the beach UMBRELLA
Trivia test QUIZ
Really admired figure ICON
Hidden away STASHED
Dangled LOLLED
One of one UNIQUE
Get ready GEARUP
Really admire REVERE
Wiped away ERASED
Compete in super-G SKI
Blue-green color AQUA
Signaled CUED
Nickname for a parent’s brother UNC
Summer time zone in Baltimore EDT
Some music releases EPS
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